Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just Going With the Flow

I love fabric charm packs. Just stitch the squares together and you've got a quilt. This is going to be a quilt for Little Lamb, as I never got around to making a baby blanket for her. Rabbit, our blankie connoisseur, is under the impression that this will be her blanket and I'm having a hard time getting her to understand that it's for Little Lamb. Rabbit's been trying to adopt every single blanket that comes to this house as a gift for Little Lamb...it's been a little crazy.

Things around here are perfectly fine. We spent the weekend in Salt Lake, hitting up a bunch of children-friendly places and just having fun with no place to be at a certain time. It was quite therapeutic for us all to just be; the past couple of months have been rather stressful and we really benefitted from a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Since returning home, I've been infected with Spring Cleaning Fever and have been rather busy with that. There is so much around here that needs tending to, and I'm finally feeling up to the tasks ahead of me. It's so good to have energy again. I actually enjoyed cleaning out the pantry closet yesterday...I think I will turn that monstrous closet into a hideaway office.

Life is good. Spring is pushing its way through the door and my birthday is just around the corner--Mr. Brooke asked for a wish list yesterday. Good times, good times.

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