Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nathaniel's Second Baseball Game of the Season

 Finally it's time for Nathaniel's baseball to start.  At every one of his sisters' games so far he's asked me, "When do my baseball games start?"  Well, little man, NOW...he's so happy.  Just like his sisters, he also bumped up into a new league this year.  Last year was T-Ball, this year is his first year of coach pitch.  His first couple of practices had me a little worried, but in the last couple games he's been able to hit the ball more than he used to be able to, so I'm breathing easier about the rest of the season.

His first game was on a day that was super cold, so no pictures from that because I was not about to voluntarily take my hands out of my coat pockets.  His next game had much better weather, so, pictures...

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