Monday, November 14, 2016

Penguin is a Rockstar

It's been a busy couple of weeks with Penguin's flute playing.  She's now two months into learning the flute, and the week before last was her first studio recital, where she performed two pieces:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  I love watching her do hard things.  I love watching her nervously flit about the house before a performance, I love talking to her as I do her hair and I love to reassure her, and I love sitting next to her before she walks up to perform and seeing her wiping her hands on her pants and fiddling around with her sheet music, and that big breath she takes while hesitating to stand up before her turn up front...and then watching her as she confidently walks up to the front of the room, back straight, all business.  In the zone.  And she pulls off the performance, she politely walks back to her seat, and then just collapses into her chair and leans into me, heart racing.  It's the most adorable thing.  This girl is going to do what she has set out to do.  Period.  I love it.

Seriously, this was HER FIRST RECITAL.  She's been playing for EIGHT WEEKS.  She's fantastic!

And then this last weekend was the Flute Ensemble Festival, which is just a fancy title for a duet competition.  Since she's so new to the instrument, she was allowed to perform with her flute teacher.  I wasn't able to go because I was recovering from a medical procedure, so Michael played videographer for me:

Which earned her a SUPERIOR rating in the Primary class.  (For those of you not in the know, a "superior" rating is the highest you can get, and "primary" is the beginning level.)

It's just nice to watch your kids succeed.  She's so serious about getting good at this, and it's so much fun to watch someone totally commit to something.  Her teacher is hardcore, and I love it.  She was very upfront about practice expectations, and she pushes performing and participating in any opportunities to get more performance time.

Penguin has taken her words to heart and now practices twice a day--she finishes up breakfast, brushes her teeth, and then does her first practice in her pajamas, leaving her a little bit of time afterwards to get dressed and run out to the bus stop, and then she practices again right before dinner.  Oh my gosh, I love it so much.

And, bonus, Monkeyboy is seeing all this and wants in on it, which makes for cute videos:

And he has started begging for piano lessons.  Oh, my Mama-loves-music heart is just fit to burst.  She's just such a good kid.  We are lucky, lucky parents.