Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Courtney Osborn Softball Tournament

Playing second base

Talking to Coach

Getting some encouragement from our first base coach

Resting between games

Taking off from third base to steal home

(Barely...both the catcher and Penguin froze and then looked up to umpire
for the call, ha ha! It was a squeaker!)

So pleased with herself for stealing home!

Penguin's first tournament for her accelerated softball team is in the books!  It was only twenty minutes away, and it really was a lot of fun for her!  I had a feeling that she wasn't too terribly sure about being on the team, what with the extra games and practices outside of city league, but she really seemed to warm up to the idea over the two days of this tournament.  While eating dinner after her last game, I asked her how she was liking her new team, and she said, "I LOVE it!"  Whew!

It's a brand new team, and most of these teams have already been together for a year, if not longer, so our team got beat pretty bad each game; BUT, when you compare how the girls played this weekend to how they were playing just two weeks ago, it's amazing how much improvement they're already showing.  We'll be fine once we get the bumps ironed out.  The girls were getting kind of wound up over losing so much, and their coach went on a personal mission to remind them that above all else, we play softball to HAVE FUN.  Winning's nice and all, but ultimately we show up to play because we like to play the game.  Once they got that into their heads (or, really, got the anxiety of losing off of their radars) they relaxed, and played better.  Sweet girls.  Life's too long and full of things to worry about to start worrying when you're ten years old.

I love these pictures so much.  I'm so glad that she gets this opportunity to play a game she loves.  Lucky, lucky girl.