Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Birthday Season is Upon Us

Do you remember, two years ago, when I threw the coolest baking birthday party and Snow White birthday party for my February girls?  Do you also remember that I only do cool birthday parties in odd years because it takes so much stinkin' work to pull off said cool birthday parties?  Did you realize that 2015 is an odd year?

It begins...

Bluebird, culinary-obsessed as she is, has decided to make the "culinary party" theme a tradition, and she wants to throw an "Italian cooking school" party.  I'm having fun putting this one together, as I really enjoy doing fun activities with girls in this age range.  (Can we take a moment to wipe away a small tear at the realization that my eldest child is turning eleven in a month?!  Jiminy...)

And then, two weeks later, Junebug is having a Kawaii party, which is just so freakishly fantastic that I break out into a goofy smile every time it crosses my mind.  (For those of you not in the know, Kawaii is that over-the-top cutesy Japanese "look"--like Hello Kitty.)  I could have a lot of fun with that theme, the trick is knowing where to say "no" to the ideas.

So, it was nice knowing y'all, but putting together two birthday parties and also putting my house back together after being gone for five months means I'm going to spend a lot more time curled up on the floor crying and rocking myself.  If I didn't love how these parties turn out in the end, I'd run away from these ideas, screaming.  But, thankfully for my kids, I'm a little birthday party-obsessed and will probably always embrace this descent into madness.

However, the descent into madness usually involves a fervent desire to vent, so you might just hear from me a little more over the next six weeks...

And then we'll get to go through the fun of getting ready for Penguin's overdue baptism in April, followed a week later by Monkeyboy's birthday party.

Party hard or go home.

*For the record, I did intend to throw both Penguin and Monkeyboy some awesome parties in 2013, but I blew out my back at Junebug's birthday party, and spent most of the rest of that year flat on my back while it healed.  Hard to do anything, let alone throw parties, in that state.  I plan to make it up to them this year.

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  1. oh, I have some bento boxes and pieces of fabric from Japan you can take a look at if you want to borrow them for your kawaii decor :-)


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