Saturday, December 27, 2014


My calendar has sent me numerous "write [insert topic here] blog post" reminders, and I've ignored every single one of them.

Because I'm home.

And I love being in my home, and I don't want to pop my little home bubble and deal with the outside world.

We've been home for a week and a half now, and it's just been so long as you ignore all the cleaning, unpacking, switching out of summer clothes for winter clothes, decorating for Christmas, shopping for Christmas, and all the extras that come with the holiday season that are usually really nice, but kind of overwhelming when you've just arrived home after living abroad for five months.

There was nothing organized about this Christmas whatsoever, everything was last minute!  But we knew that would be the case when we signed up to return in mid-December, so I had a strict "no sighing" policy for myself in regards to how Christmas turned out this year.  And, in order to get any justifiable amount of work done around here, I delegated out a lot of tasks to my children, who were so incredibly happy to do their share if it meant being in charge of something to do with Christmas.  That meant less Christmas funnery for myself, but it was OK because the children really had a lot of fun with their responsibilities--I even let them decorate the tree by themselves!

I unpacked two boxes of Christmas decorations only--the tree decorations, and the box with some serving pieces and a few decorative items that I set up on the piano.  No greenery, no wall anythings.  It looks fine.

The house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be...but we still went caroling and had friends over for cocoa and cookies afterwards.  It was fine.

The presents were ordered the Friday before Christmas.  It was fine.

I planned our Christmas dinner a week beforehand.  It was fine.

Don't get me wrong, I will in no way alter how I like to do Christmas after this "simplified" experience, but it was good that it was still incredibly sufficient without all the little extras I prefer to have in abundance.  It's good to experience things differently every now and then.  I've had more time to just sit and do some of the "lazy" things--watching more movies with the family, sipping apple cider with the kids after they come in from playing in the snow, snuggling with Michael, petting the dog.  All good things.  There's been lots of good things this Christmas.

But the best thing is that we are home.  We can phone friends and family whenever we want, we're greeted by friends and neighbors when we go out, we sleep in our own beds, and we drive our own cars.  I even have a sewing machine downstairs, hiding somewhere amongst the wall of boxes that greets me when I enter my craft room.  Everything is familiar and comfortable.  I am so incredibly grateful for the experience of living in Australia these past months, because one of things the experience has taught me is how much I love my home.

Michael and I have made a home here; our own little place on our own little spit of dirt.  It's ours, and it is good.

Merry Christmas.  I hope this little note finds you warm and comfortable in your homes, wherever they may be found on the map.

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