Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Concert and Awards Ceremony

In Australia, the school year runs from January to December, so the school Christmas concert also doubles as the end-of-the-school-year awards ceremony.

Junebug received an award for demonstrating good character:

And Penguin received an award for "confidence" in the classroom:

The school places heavy emphasis on music (LOVE!), so we were able to listen to a couple of rather well-done bell pieces:

Then it was time for the Christmas pageant, complete with costumes and singing.  Bluebird was an angel, Penguin was a shepherd, and Junebug was a king.  In true Brooke fashion, the girls sang, remembering to open their mouths for better sound:

Penguin made me rather proud.  It was a mixture of pride and shaking my head over how cute she was as she belted her little heart out.  She also had a line in the play:  "Quickly!  Don't worry about the sheep!  This is more important, come on!"  We had a good chuckle when she said that.

Bluebird asked to be allowed to sing a descant during "Angels We Have Heard On High," and she didn't tell us about it, so we were just sitting there watching kids do a little ribbon dance when she stood up behind them all and started singing the descant.  What's more, the descant is some random little blip I sang four years ago...she remembered it pretty well, and did a great job.

Oh my goodness, the cute.  Seriously.

That's my girl!

It was the cutest little concert, we loved it so much.  So proud of my girls for their hard work in their classrooms, and their hard work on the stage!

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