Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not Fabulous.

Anyone else noticing a trend of me starting to get things moving along in my life, and then something else coming along and slamming me back into the ground?  Last year with the running and then the herniated discs.  This February and the attack of the monster cold.  Gettin' mighty sick of this whole yin-and-yang thing.  (Ha ha, pun not intended.  I imagine it's only me who thinks that was hilarious, and only because my brain is so addled by cold medicine.)

My fabulous moment of this week was getting school done despite just wanting to sleep.  Considering my circumstances, I am a flaming over-achiever.

Alright, energy gone.  Must lie down again.  Next week...hopefully we'll get some more awesomeness into our days.

I really, really hope that your weeks were tons better than mine.  Because I like you all, and I want to read about good weeks.  I'll read about bad weeks, don't get me wrong, but the good weeks are so much more fun to read about.  Happy long weekend to all my American friends.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fabulously Fun-Filled February Week #1
(And Weekly Report Week #22)

  • Field Trip & Fine Arts:  I took the Brookelets up to BYU to see a theatrical production of Shakespeare's "Cymbeline" specially created for young audiences.
  • Food:  We made milkshakes.
  • Fun:  We watched "Tangled."
  Of course, my phone died right before I could take pictures at the play, so there are none.  Which is too bad because Bluebird was pulled out of the audience to be the "doctor"--complete with that weird little muffin-looking hat and big black smock, and Junebug was chosen to be "Helen" (the princess's lady-in-waiting) and she was so stinking cute in her little pinafore while she trailed behind Princess Imogen.

  Monkeyboy loved the play.  They had big floor pillows set on the floor so the children could lounge while they watched, and he squirmed and rolled all over his pillow through the entire play, all while keeping his attention firmly fixed upon what was happening on-stage.  There's a point in the play where the Brits are chasing the Roman soldiers, and they're all going round and round the set, knocking props and backdrops over and yelling, and Monkeyboy was squealing with laughter over it--he could not sit up, all he could do was lay on his stomach and laugh.  Totally worth it.  The show runs through this Saturday if any of my local friends want to see it.  I definitely recommend it--the evil stepmother cracked me up.  (We saw the "fairy tale" version, but they're also offering a "Film Noir" version as well.)

  This week is weird because a bunch of important people in Michael's company are all in town (from Australia), and so he has barely been home.  It was tough getting the car so I could take the kids to the play, but he figured out how to make it work, and all the other days we've been completely without a car so he can shuttle visitors at work.  (Read:  Why yes, I'm feeling the effects of cabin fever this very moment.)

As a result of this home-bound predicament, I couldn't venture out to the grocery story for fun food, so I had to work with what I had on-hand, and there is was an almost-full gallon bucket of vanilla ice cream in my freezer, left over from summer.  At first I was a little put off by the freezer-burn potential of said ice cream, but after we dug through that layer, it tasted fine.  Woo-hoo!  Milkshakes in February!  The kids were fall-down excited.  Sometimes we just need to keep it simple, don't we?  They spent some time being "milkshake pirates" was hilarious and very odd.

  It feels lame to say that we watched "Tangled" as our fulfillment of the "Fun(ny)" category, but it was truly fun(ny) for them.  I popped lots of popcorn, the kids were excited to fill rest time with a movie, and we laughed.  It was good, I'm glad we went with that option.

  I'm amazed at how simple it is to make February fun.

  Yes, school got done as well.  Bluebird's almost done with Little Women, and Penguin's still working through The Blue Fairy Book.

Penguin finished her 2C penmanship book this week, and started working in the second workbook for math.  (The excitement over the math is mostly mine--she was all, "But I still have to do math, why does it matter if it's in a different book?"  Dear Penguin, your mama needs that little reminder that we're halfway through the book.  After months of lessons, it gladdens my heart immensely to have tangible evidence that we are indeed getting somewhere.)

Three more weeks of fun to keep the Winter Grays away!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all be up to in your homes!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fabulously Fun-Filled February!

All us homeschoolers know that February is the most dreaded month of the entire year.  (And, if you didn't, a veteran homeschooler probably alerted you to the fact early on in your research of the idea.)  "Don't make any decisions in February!" is a common mantra emitted by the schooling-at-home crowd, and it's true--how I feel about homeschooling in February is generally the exact opposite from how I feel about in any other given month.

"How can I conquer this tendency to despondency in February?" I asked myself throughout January, "What can I do to avoid that burn out and that hatred of all things educational?"

And then it hit me:  Have fun.  It's hard to hate what you're doing when you're deliberately doing the best parts of it.  February brings the grays, and I'm gonna fight back with glittery rainbows.  BAM.

I invite you to play along, homeschooler or not.  Let's make February fun.  The entire month.

Here's what I'm going to do, and you're free to steal my ideas:

I really like alliteration, so I came up with four categories to work with during the month.  They are:

  • Field Trips
  • Fine Arts
  • Food
  • Fun(ny) (this is my catch-all category)
And, because I'm that mom that goes a little crazy when a good idea falls into my lap, I'm challenging myself to do something in each of those four categories every week of February.  That's sixteen fabulously fun things to look forward for this month.  Can we say excited?!?!

Let me tell you, once I decided that we were going to have some fun this month, all these ideas of all these different things came to mind--all those things that I always say, "Hey, that'd make a good field trip someday...", or "I need to remember that for when we're studying [insert whatever here]...", only to completely forget about it two years later when we do in fact study that topic.  When your only criteria is that is has to be fun, the possibilities of what you allow yourself to do multiplies exponentially!

I will report on my endeavors to bring sunshine and rainbows into our school days all this month, and I totally want to hear what you decide to do as well.  Come on back on Friday and I'll have a linky-up post where you can share your activities.  Perhaps you'll inspire someone else (like me!) with some more fun ideas.

Go forth, and have fun!