Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekly Report: Weeks 15 & 16
Hello, Christmas Break!

We have arrived at the magical land of Halfway There.  I love this place.  The kids have earned their Christmas Break this year--the amount of work that these girls have accomplished in the past three months is phenomenal.

Somewhere along the journey, we've morphed into a five-days-a-week homeschooling family, and we are kicking some serious butt in the amount of ground we can cover.  I just never felt compelled to do five days a week in past years because we were able to finish all our work in 3-4 days.  There was a part of me that wanted to push them ahead, and then I was all like, "I'm going to regret that in twenty years."  So I backed off, made sure they were slightly ahead of grade level, and called it good.  Looking back, still being very close to it all, I'm glad I did that.

But this school year has a different feel to it--Bluebird starts the fifth grade next year, and that's a big deal.  Since I follow the Classical Philosophy of Education, I call fifth grade "middle school" because it's the start of the second stage of learning--the "Logic" or "Dialectic" stage.  With the knowledge that she'll be adding in the study of logic and another foreign language (plus a bump up in the difficulty of her assigned reading),and that I'll be adding in a first grader and a preschooler next year, that makes this year sort of crucial in setting up the foundation for a good transition to the next stage of her educational journey.  (Oh, yeah...Penguin starts her study of Latin next year as well...and that was a rocky path with Bluebird, so I'm preparing for some pebbles there as well.)  There's going to be a whole lot of teaching and learning going on, and I need to spread it out across more days so we have a shot at finishing it all before dinner.  As it stands right now, we finish up with hands-on teaching by lunch, and then Bluebird has some independent work that she does in the afternoon.

So my expectations are a little higher this year--and they have risen to the challenge like shining stars.  I'm proud of them!  It's been a good school year thus far.  I am really, really trying to get things set up to allow us a fantastic Winter Quarter as well...there's just so much potential in a winter quarter!

Junebug finished Saxon Kindergarten math:

She'll start first grade math in January.  She's very proud.

Everyone else is near the halfway marks in just about every subject.  Except history.  Bluebird lost the book, and I know it's in the house and refuse to spend money on a new one, but have resigned myself to the reality of really needing the book before it will probably be found.  Sigh.  Hello,

Quesnel continues to interrupt Penguin's lessons:

And then goes off by herself to scowl when I finally shoo her away:

Junebug, with no structured math lessons, gets to play math games, which she loves:

We're on Christmas Break now, so no weekly reports for a few weeks!  Enjoy your holidays, whatever version it is that you celebrate!


  1. :)
    PS-- The captcha is "95 owtoms", which for some reason strikes me as hilarious. Probably has something to do with this monstrosity of a cold...

  2. Way to go reaching the halfway point. I understand what you mean about stepping up your game plan for Dialectic stage. My oldest is in third but next year will be a step up for us and this year I'm really focusing on the areas we are weak in. Love, love, love your cat and her relationship with your daughter. sigh. We need a cat.


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