Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day In the Life: November 19, 2013
Picture Edition

I really like my "day in the life" posts, but they are a bit of a commitment to write and I usually stop working on them halfway through the day because it's stressing me out.  I figured I'd just set an alarm for every half hour or so and take a picture.  

Here's a Day In the Life in pictures,
with my apologies for the fantastic amount of blurry shots--I was just trying to "snap and go" with these:

Bluebird--9 years old, Penguin--7 years old,
Junebug--5 years old, Monkeyboy--3 years old.

7:00 am

7:30 am

8:00 am, time for devotional and memory work:

8:30am, still working on memory work:

9:00 am


10:00 am, Skype with Dad, who was in Hawaii for a work conference:

10:30 am

11:00 am

11:30 am

12:00 pm

12:30 pm

2:00 pm, quiet reading time

2:30 pm, Monkeyboy is NOT going to take a nap

3:00 pm, End of quiet time, which is when I try to sneak in some of my own music practice:

3:30 pm, Bluebird is finishing up her "homework" in my bedroom:

And then I forgot to take any more pictures.  But there was vacuuming, cleaning a bathroom, making dinner, and a little bit of sewing that took place.  The kids fought over whose turn it was to play Minecraft, and did their chores.  All in all, a regular and productive day.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #14
Aloha. Where are my keys?

We made it to Thanksgiving Break!  *weak "woo hoo" with puny fist pump*

Michael was out of town again for work--yeah, a nice little conference in HAWAII.  I find that it doesn't matter too terribly much, school-wise, if he's home or out of town because I do school by myself anyway.  It's only the interruptions to the school day to accompany Skype chatting, and the evenings without him that are hard.

Oh, and the fact that he accidentally took my car keys with him.  Thank goodness it was a week with no outside commitments!

I am very much looking forward to my week off from school.  The crafting bug has bitten hard.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #13
Bonk Your Head, Pull Out Some Teeth, and Make Pizza

We're still rocking this school year.  And I'm kicking myself for letting summer quarter slide.  It's always so much easier to say you'll do stuff later, isn't it?  We're definitely in that "pay the piper" place right now, and it's wearing on us a bit.  I think we'll be fine, but I definitely don't want to go about school this way again.  Sometimes you just gotta do the work even when you don't want to do it.

But I love this time of year when it gets darker earlier, and my kids just start hovering around me a little bit more.  As the basement turns colder, and the corners of the house get a little gloomy with the early onset of night, they start staying out in the main areas of the house during their free time, rather than retreating to some far reach of Brooketopia.  Evenings are especially great because they tend to stay in the kitchen while I make dinner and I get to listen to them chatter about all the things that are important to them, which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas, baking, and their upcoming piano recital.  I get to listen to their enthusiastic plans while sniffing and tasting whatever I'm cooking for dinner--evenings are my favorite right now.

You'll notice that Monkeyboy has a band-aid on his forehead in the pictures.  He tripped in nursery last Sunday, and met the corner of a chair on his way down.  It was super fun to experience that.  I'm the music leader in Primary, and was doing my thing when the nursery leader came in and talked to the Primary presidency along the back wall.  One of the musically-inclined presidency members walked up to me and announced to the children that she would be leading the song because Sister Brooke needed to go help one of her kids.  That, my friends, is the perfect recipe for tripping an adrenaline rush.  I rushed out of the room and, since Michael always takes Monkeyboy to nursery and I totally forgot where it was, I did a little headless chicken impersonation in the hallway while the nursery leader led me along.  (I feel just as cool about it now as I did while I was experiencing it.)

And then I saw my little man, whimpering in the little teeny bathroom they have in nursery, one of the other nursery leaders holding a wet paper towel to his forehead, the rest of his face showing the smeared evidence that he had quite a bleed going on under that paper towel.  Oh, mommies, that look that our children give us when we finally get to them after they've been hurt...all that pain, fear, relief, and joy in their eyes when they realize that we've arrived to make it all better...and how that look makes me not care about getting blood on my church clothes, and how that look makes time go too slow until I can grab my child up in my arms and just rock them and croon to them.  Oh, heart, heart, heart.

We wondered a little bit if he would need a stitch, but decided that it was fine and I've been diligently cleaning and bandaging it all week.  Ugh, injuries.  I would, literally, much rather have a big hurt happen to me than one of my kids.  I couldn't understand that sentiment until I had kids, but it is very real.  That little forehead bonk was emotionally exhausting for me.  Brookelets, no more injuries, EVER.  I forbid it.

On a brighter note, Penguin lost her two front teeth!  She lost the first last Friday, and then the second one came out at some point during the middle of the week.  She's so stinkin' adorable with just gums in front.  Big girl!

Junebug is almost done with Saxon K.  With all the darker hours in the day, I've had to bump up my ISO on my camera and then I forget to turn it back down, which makes some pictures (like this one) turn out really grainy.  I'll figure it out, but you may have to deal with some botched efforts for the next week or so.

Doing "penmanship"

Catapulting the math bears

Learning to diagram indirect objects
 We studied some Italian history this week, and our activity guide suggesting making some pizza, so we did:

I love my job.  :)

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #12
Drive-by Blogging

I have no pictures, and I really don't have a lot of details; BUT, I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would write a weekly report every week because they prove so helpful when I'm planning out a new school year, and because I really enjoy re-reading them.  I'm in that place I tend to go in late autumn where I just feel incredibly "blah" about blogging, and I'm trying to not go silent like I have almost every year in the past.

So, yep, we continued on.  I had a procedure done on one of my toes on Tuesday, which had me in a frazzled mood all day long, which amounted to almost nothing getting done, and then I was exhausted from all the worrying I did the day before and needed Wednesday to recover.  Lame.  I had the girls do their reading and various other independent lessons.  We pushed through a lot of the missed stuff on Thursday and Friday, along with the lessons scheduled for those days.  The kids are being so great right now!

I put the big classroom calendar up again (it was boasting the date squares from May) and the kids are pretty happy about its re-admittance into our lives.  There's a big "SCHOOL BREAK" banner across the week of Thanksgiving, and Penguin and Junebug count the number of days left until Thanksgiving in each of their math lessons, so we're starting to feel the holiday spirit here in Brooketopia.  It's a great time of year.

Bluebird finished Heidi, and read Pinocchio in one sitting.  I'm handing her The Swiss Family Robinson next week.  Hopefully it will take her the entire week to finish, as I haven't pre-read her next (rather thin) books.  Penguin is still working on Heidi, and I think she'll finish up early next week.  I'll then have her read an easier version of Pinocchio.

Math is good--Junebug is almost finished with Saxon K--and everything else is progressing.  We even got the house into a presentable mode this week.  My toe is healing nicely, and Michael felt like he made actual progress at work this week, instead of his usual "I'm now farther behind than I was when I showed up this morning" dilemma.

There has been very little knitting.  Which is probably why everything is running so smoothly...sigh.  But woo hoo(!) to folded clothes, hot dinners, and clean bathrooms!  The Brooketopians are doing well.  We wish you the same good fortune in the upcoming week.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #11
Dyeing Yarn, Halloween, and "Gold Leaf"

Another nice, full week!

We dyed some cotton yarn for the Kaya Club's weaving activity next week.  We followed Knit Pick's super simple tutorial on how to dye yarn using Kool-Aid.  The girls loved the activity.

There was some reading, with both girls finishing Sherlock Holmes and starting on Heidi.  Bluebird also finished Bull Run.

I'm trying to start Quiet Reading Time each afternoon with fifteen minutes of religious reading of their choice.  Some days they pick to read the actual scriptures, other days they read from The Friend, and Bluebird sometimes read through the Hymns or Children's Songbook.  It's been on my heart a lot lately, this idea of personal scripture study and how it's my duty as a parent to help them develop that habit early in their youth.

My back went into spasm on Halloween, which is to be expected after playing a whole lot of volleyball last week (Champions!) and going a little crazy with the housecleaning on Wednesday.  I had already scheduled the day off for Girl Scout activities, but we just watched movies all day instead while I laid on the couch in an anti-spasmodic-induced haze.  Our neighbors offered us full access to their majorly impressive DVD collection, so I let each kid pick a movie.  It was a good day, barring all the horrific pain that accompanied it.  And then we had trick or treating, which is always fun!

Good week.  I'll leave you with some other pictures taken throughout the week.  Have a great weekend!