Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly Report: Week #5
This is what normal feels like.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she said something to the effect that her life felt stagnant.  Knowing her background story, and witnessing what her day-to-day life entailed, I countered with the argument that her life was anything but stagnant...that perhaps, after all the years of high-stress situations and chaos, anything less than a 24 hour drive-thru circus act felt like wallowing through pudding.

As I walked home from that conversation, I decided that the stagnant/normal feeling also applied to our own life right now.  We're just living and breathing and doing the work in front of us.  Lessons get completed, books are read, and errands get ran.  It's not exactly post-worthy.  Or maybe it is?  Daily life and all--how fleeting it all is, capture it before it's gone, etc.

In all serious though, how many pictures can one handle of kids sitting around a table doing schoolwork?  It's just not my definition of engaging, so I'm slow to post more of the same.

More school was done this week.  Hurrah for Brooketopia!

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