Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nature Hike: The Grotto (again)

Mandatory "pre-hike" photo at the trail head:

Monkeyboy had so much fun wading in the waterfall pool!  He was "fighting bad guys," and would pick up sticks and rocks and throw them at imaginary enemies:

My dear little Penguin, who is growing up too fast:

Sassy Junebug.  This picture just makes me laugh--she was talking to herself as she scaled a big rock, and when she got to the top of it, she struck a pose:

We saw a group of three of these little guys scurrying about.  A look in our wilderness guide says that they are "Least Chipmunks." (Tamias minimus)  So glad I had my zoom lens on the camera:

I love feet pictures!  Who do you think these belong to?

We love this hike.  That's why we go on it every year.  It's heart-warming to notice that we're starting to be able to watch the kids grow up through the nature walk photos.  Here's pictures from last year's hike to the Grotto, and pictures from the year before that.  And who can forget Bluebird's School Sweater photo shoot at the Grotto from two years ago?  My heart is full...

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