Monday, August 19, 2013

2013-2014 School Pictures

The last time we had family portraits done, Junebug was one year old.  I'm not much of a frilly photo session person, and I figure that I take so many pictures of my kids throughout the course of a year that spending money on formal portraits would be a little unnecessary...until I catch a glimpse of our last family portrait, which gets placed further and further away from our main living rooms with each passing year, because we're only holding three kids in it.  Goal for this autumn:  Family Portrait session.

Part of the reason I like the NOT Back to School blog hop so much is because it has a "School Pictures" week, which serves as excellent outside motivation to take a decent shot of each child at the beginning-ish of each school year.  This year, inspired by the many variations of "First Day of School" photos popping up all over Pinterest, I decided to include signs.  I figure it will be fun to watch as they grow.

My oldest pupil this (and every) year.  Miss Bluebird will be entering the fourth grade this year, her last year of grammar level schooling!  She's a strong reader and has an intensifying interest in robotics and computer programming.  (The robots and programming things are totally due to my awesome husband working with her.  I take credit for the reading--I'm a book pusher.)  She's entering Junior Girl Scouts this year, which is the first year that she's allowed to start working on the high achievement awards--we've been brainstorming ideas for her Bronze Award project all summer; but, as you can see from her career considerations, she has a hard time narrowing down her choices because there's just too much good stuff out there to pick one focus!

This adorable girl is my Penguin, who enters the second grade this year.  She's developing into a great reader, and hopes, hopes, hopes that someday we'll be able to move to a house with lots of land so she can get some nanny goats and start her own animal hospital.  She enters Brownie Girl Scouts this year and is really looking forward to earning her "Pets" badge.

My little Junebug is officially a Kindergartener now!  She insisted that we start Kindergarten when she turned five in February, so her days won't be very different when school starts.  Our big goal is to have her reading by the end of the school year, and she is super excited to finally begin her Girl Scout journey as a Daisy Scout.

Monkeyboy is a big three years old now, and demands to know what grade he's in during school.  He's proud to be a preschooler!  Bluebird likes to work with him on his letters and numbers, which I appreciate immensely.  Penguin likes to race trucks with him and build him elaborate train track set-ups, and Junebug prefers to play video games for him to watch.  Just like all mothers of active preschoolers out there, I hope to spend lots of time getting stains out of his clothes, wrestling him to the ground so I can wipe his face, and snuggling together while reading bedtime stories.

So that's my crew, growing up so fast!  My original plan was to start our school year at the beginning of July, but my homeschooling mojo just would not kick into gear, so we're taking a longer summer vacation and will crack open the books at the beginning of September.

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