Saturday, May 4, 2013

2012-2013 Weekly Report: Week #34
Working, Hiking, Hummingbirds

We enjoyed another glorious week of sunshine and warmer temperatures!  It's SO nice to be able to go outside for recess and lunch breaks, go on nature hikes, and eat lunch in the backyard!  Everyone's turning a little brown in the face, and we hurry through school each day so we can have more outside time.  It has been a really awesome week in just about every regard.

Let's see, in which subjects is there something worthy of reporting?

Math--each girl has less than ten lessons to go before they're done with their books, which just makes me so freakishly happy.  If they finish early, I'm not going to start up with the next level; I'll start the next level at the beginning of the next quarter.  It feels so nice to see the end approaching.  Bluebird's scores on her drills have also improved quite drastically in the past few weeks, which makes me utter ginormous sighs of relief.  I'm going to try to keep them working on XtraMath drills every morning through our entire summer break, so the trend can continue next year.

Language Arts--I informed Bluebird that whatever wasn't done by the end of the year would be completed over summer break.  I don't want to do that, but you've got to make up work that gets missed.  The complaints of sore throats, sore tummies, and being too tired for school have diminished considerably since that conversation.  She blasted through multiple grammar lessons per day and read ahead in her spelling book to learn the lesson on her own so she could test out of it faster.  Self-directed learning is at an all-time high at the moment.  Interesting.  I also was watching her write something down yesterday and she started forming a word in cursive before catching herself and erasing it so she could write it in manuscript.  It's starting to stick...

Reading--Penguin finished Oliver Twist, and did a fantastic job with her narration.  This is a girl who, eight months ago, was still curling up into a ball on her chair because she didn't want to answer questions about books; and now she's giving me three pages' worth of narration.  What a difference a year (and scores of patience) makes.

History--they listened to a few chapters.  I remember Lewis & Clark, Simon Bolivar, and maybe something about Napoleon.  I'm dragging here and just glad that it was included in the week.  I've got something awesome planned for next week to make up for my lack of enthusiasm this past while.

Science--We went on our first nature walk this year.  This was the first time I DID NOT bring along the baby backpack carrier.  (Which is good, because I couldn't use it anyway, what with all those awesome herniated discs in my back.)  I even made sure the girls had time to draw in their nature journals when we were done.

We also put up a hummingbird feeder on the school room window.  It was memorable--Michael removed the screen so he could attach the feeder on the outside of the window, and when he turned to grab the feeder from the table, a hummingbird flew into the school room, hovered above my head, and then quickly flew back outsideFreaked.  me.  out.  Bluebird still starts laughing for no reason and when I ask her what's so funny she gasps out that I screamed like a baby--over a hummingbird!

Two more weeks of "regular" school, one week of End-of-Year Testing, and then, barring any work that needs to be made up, we're off for a month of nothing but swimming, hiking, and art.  Such a fun time of year!

(Blogger's not letting me upload photos at the moment; so, rather than sit around waiting for that to happen, I'm just going to post this without photos and go enjoy my Saturday.  Hopefully we'll have photos next week!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reason #3702 to Get Rid of the TV

I happened to catch my darling five year old daughter dancing, naked, in her bedroom just now.  This is actually a somewhat common occurrence after bathtime, so I didn't think twice about it until she started singing, "Bow, chicka bow-wow!"

I stopped, mid-stride, and asked her where she had heard that song.

Not missing a beat, while wiggling her little tush in my direction, she grinned and said, "Phineas and Ferb."