Sunday, April 14, 2013

Achy, Backy Update

Thank you for the kind emails and correspondence, they've been much appreciated by me.

Life has continued along in Brooketopia, with most changes being in the form of me lying down a whole lot more, us eating off of paper plates, and "recess" finding me straining through my physical therapy on the floor.  It's a grand life, but I warn you all against pursuance.

The cortisone shot into my spine improved my pain tremendously.  However, I'm still not quite to where my doctor would like me to be by this point in treatment, so there is talk of a "booster shot" in the next few weeks--the hope is that the "booster" will get the inflammation to go down just enough more so that we can get everything to go where it's supposed to go.  I've been hesitant to go for another cortisone shot because of its side effects, and my doctor has been in agreement until recently.  Unfortunately, my back just won't "let go" and let these discs go home, so we're going to try to blast them again and hope it sticks.  Otherwise, we'll have to consider slightly more invasive therapies.  (FYI:  We don't want more invasive, so we're hoping that Shot #2 fixes ALL THE THINGS.)

Kind, beautiful goddesses have descended upon my cluttered abode and cleaned it up.  The lovely man who is my husband has taken over practically all childcare responsibilities so I can rest more in the evenings.  It would be sort of heavenly where it not for the horrible, gut-wrenching back pain.  (I'll have to plan this better the next time around.)

We're puttering along, allowing for the much-needed time required for my back to heal.  I joke that I have time now to get this all healed, whereas I will definitely NOT have time for healing ten years from now when I'm trying to get four teenagers to where they need to be 24/7.

So...healing.  On your mark, get set, GO!

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