Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Write it down, stay sane: Semi-Annual Bout of Ear Infections

  • Man, Brooketopia has been hit hard by the illness bugs in recents weeks.  We were cruising along, getting lots of school done and then BAM! hit by a bus Brookelets down left and right.
  • This week is running the same trend.  I took Penguin and Junebug (and, really, Bluebird and Monkeyboy as well...which is always fun) to the doctor yesterday because they were both complaining of ear pain.  Penguin was deemed to only be suffering from "inflammation" that could be treated with diligent dosing of ibuprofen, and Junebug was diagnosed with ear infections in both ears.  Trip to the grocery store for anti-biotics, ice cream, yogurt and "feel better" doughnuts.
  • I think doughnuts are best reserved for sad moments.  They're laden with fat and sugar and don't serve their purpose as breakfast very well.  Two infected eardrums earns you a doughnut.  Having a sibling with two infected eardrums earns you a doughnut by association.
  • (Oh yeah, that was after Michael's carpool got in a car accident before they left the neighborhood.  No worries, all is well for both afflicted vehicles and their passengers.)
  • I had Bluebird and Penguin bring school with them to the doctor's office and they actually finished their math lessons while we waited.  When we got home, I told Bluebird that I just needed her to do as much school as she could while I tended to sick kids...and every time I checked in on her, she was ploughing away.  What an awesome kid!

  • This morning found us with Penguin saying her ear hurt worse.  I gave her the day off from school and she settled in to watch some television, but she came back upstairs an hour later, in so much pain that she couldn't speak and she was doing that horrible, stiff walk of those who are hurting bad.  I pulled out all my herbal medicinal knowledge and did everything possible to alleviate her discomfort.  I phoned the doctor to make another appointment, was told they could see her within the hour, and then told I had wait almost three hours to get in because the other receptionist filled "my" appointment while my receptionist was talking to me.  Argh.
  • Parenting feels like a battlefield sometimes; like I have to elbow other parents and their children out of the way in order to get my kids where they need to be going.  I don't like feeling like I have to be that way.
  • When I was brushing Penguin's hair to get her ready to go to the doctor, her eardrum ruptured and all the lovely fluids that accompany such an event starting dribbling out of her ear.  We walked into the doctor's office with her holding gauze pads up to her ear to absorb the flow.  The doctor seemed surprised to see her again so soon, and then brushed off the fact that my child's eardrum had filled with enough pus and blood to explode with a nonchalant "Sometimes these things just happen pretty quick."  Then she threw up in the trash can and he hastened to exit the room.
  • I think I'm changing my pediatrician.

  • Penguin and I went on another trip to the grocery store for more anti-biotics, more gauze pads and a new Ace Bandage to hold the gauze pads to her ear while it oozes out its infectious contents.  She looks like a clumsy rabbit with her pigtails sticking up out of the bandage wrapped around her cranium.
  • We also bought more doughnuts.  An exploded eardrum earns you a doughnut.  Having a sibling with an exploded eardrum earns you doughnuts by association.
  • I noticed a "Maple Bacon" doughnut flavor yesterday, but wasn't in the mood for a doughnut.
  • Today I was in the mood for a doughnut, so I picked out two different flavors for myself.
  • Two, because I had my reservations about a Maple Bacon doughnut.
  • My instincts were spot on.  (((shudder)))
  • My dog really likes Maple Bacon doughnuts.
  • REALLY LIKES--so much that, in his manic attempt to consume said doughnut as quickly as possible, he accidentally pushed the doughnut out of his bowl and behind the water dispensing tower thing and he absolutely freaked out trying to get back there and retrieve his precious snack.  This made me laugh, which was good.
  • Bluebird diligently did her independent work while I was at the doctor with Penguin.  I am so monstrously proud of her.

  • We are throwing a birthday party on Saturday.  I am two weeks behind in my preparations.
  • It'll all work out in the end.

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  1. yeah i know what you mean. We had to take a week off in january because of sickness. Love ur blog and randomness.


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