Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun at the Voting Polls

It's official:
The Brooketopians have cast their vote
in the 2012 Elections.

I think it's important to make the entire process accessible to our youth, so I load up our kids with us almost every year and we make a family event out of voting.  This year we decided to try voting in the morning, as opposed to our usual afternoon voting.  We arrived to a very long line, so Bluebird and I stayed in line while Michael and the other three Brookelets left to buy some breakfast for the family.

As luck would have it, our bishop and his wife showed up right behind us and we were able to spend the 1.5 hour wait chatting with them.  Michael arrived with breakfast; and, since we were standing in an elementary school cafeteria, our family noshed on breakfast at a cafeteria table while I continued to stand in line and gab away.
Bluebird showing our bishop how to color on the Kindle.
Face after familiar face showed up in the room and we waved and smiled at each other, walking over to each other to comment on the length of the line or commiserate about our voting location being changed at the last minute.  The girls explored the unfamiliar halls of an educational institution that most of them have only heard stories about, and at one point a little girl stopped Penguin and asked, "Do you go to school here?" to which Penguin replied, "I don't go to school!"  I wasn't on-hand to witness the conversation, but Michael tells me that the little girl's flabbergasted facial expression at such a statement was absolutely priceless.

In the end, we cast our ballots, waved at our neighbors, took a detour to jump in a leaf pile for a few minutes, and then drove on home.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled school day...

...with repeated checking-in with the news channels to see what's going on throughout the country.

Happy Election Day!
(Now get on out there and do some voting!)  :)

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