Friday, September 21, 2012

2012-2013 Weekly Report: Week 9

I was so not gung-ho about doing school this week, but we got it done anyway.  I'm proud of that perseverance.

These girls have worked hard this week!  We're trying to catch up to where we are supposed to be lesson-wise, and so we've had a few double lessons throughout the week in a effort to accomplish that goal.  They each completed EIGHT math lessons this week, and I'm so proud of them!

Language Arts
Both of them finished up their respective penmanship books.  Bluebird has now started the Level 3 book and Penguin is embarking upon Level 2M.

Penguin's right on track and doing a great job with her memorization.  Bluebird is catching up (one extra lesson this week) and is working on diagramming sentences with both adjectives and adverbs.  She's working to memorize "A Tragic Story," by William Thackeray.

Bluebird is almost done reading The Old Man Mad About Drawing, and Penguin read a few of the _____ Bear, _____ Bear, What Do You See? books out loud to me this week.  We're working on reading At the Sign of the Sugared Plum as our group read aloud.  We should finish it up next week.  The girls love all the candy-making descriptions and are slightly horrified about how dirty London was during the period.

Sugared Plum goes along with our study of Charles I's England in history.  We learned about his beheading, the Cromwell Protectorate, and finished up with reading some more about The Plague and the London Fire of 1666.

Foreign Language
Bluebird took another week to review the first five lessons of latin. She loves her "tutoring sessions" with our neighbor down the street, and I'm so thankful for my friend being so willing to spend time with Bluebird each week and provide an extra incentive to learn more about the subject. (Bluebird is a very social girl and loves any excuse to have some one over to our house, or to go visiting at someone's house herself.)

A productive week.  Hopefully we can be more excited about school next week and remember to break out the camera every now and then.  :)

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