Monday, July 9, 2012

First Day of the New School Year

Because it seemed like a good idea a couple of weeks ago.

Because it wasn't stifling hot back then.

Because our air conditioner worked back then.

Today was an exercise in "priming the pump."  We didn't do any real school work, but we got up at the time we were supposed to get up, we ate breakfast at the time we were supposed to eat breakfast on a school day, we did our chores before school started and we then sat around the school table and did various different things, like filling out "All About Me" booklets and listening to the third Harry Potter book, read aloud by yours truly.

It was a "soft" First Day of School.

We'll build up to hardcore as the week progresses; which will hopefully be aided by a fully-functioning air conditioner.

(I sent my kids to bed in bicycle shorts.  Because our house is 85 fantastic degrees Fahrenheit.  We had ice cream for dinner because the thought of boiling water or turning on any sort of appliance made me crazy over how much hotter our house would become as a result.)

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