Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Hike Club: Stewart Falls

Hey, look at that, it's a picture of my kids and I'm in it!  I did photography duty on the last hike, and a friend did pictures on this hike.  Which was good, because that's 30 pounds of Monkeyboy awesomeness strapped to my back...for 3.5 miles.  Having a heavy camera bouncing off my chest makes it more difficult.  (Duh.)

My four-doors-down neighbor and I at the beginning of the trail.
She helped Junebug persevere to the end with amusing conversation
(and impromptu compositions) about Junebug's favorite
stuffed animal, Ducky.  I heart my neighbor.
The Stewart Falls Trail is located a little way past Sundance, right at the entrance to the Alpine Loop.  It's a well-maintained trail and the foliage is just awesome right now.  We saw tons of Forget-Me-Nots and Cow Vetch, and happened upon some Wild Roses and also a lone Scarlet Bugler by the waterfall.

Speaking of the waterfall, there is a picture of our entire group in front of it, but I hesitate to post it because I don't have express permission to do so.  Perhaps I'll get around to making sure it's OK to do, but until then you will have to remain pictureless.

I could probably write more about the beauties of nature and the enjoyment that comes from sharing it with friends, but instead I'm going to order a pizza and stretch my aching legs.  I'm going to keep this up, just watch; by the end of this summer we'll be hiking machines!

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