Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Nature Hike of 2012!

It's great to head outside once again!  We took our first nature hike today and enjoyed feeling the sun on our faces and having the freedom to just run.

We walked along the trail next to the river and were largely unimpressed with the grays and browns of early spring, but I think it will be fun to return in a couple of weeks and witness the "greening up" of the landscape.

There are information posts set along the trail and I assigned Bluebird the task of reading them aloud so we could all learn together (and afford her some needed reading out loud time).

We saw a robin crashing through the underbrush, which is always a nice sight to remind one of the impending arrival of spring.  The girls were largely uninterested in said robin because he made a whole lot of noise and scared them into running away from that area of the trail.

Monkeyboy was overjoyed to be given his head and just allowed to run to his little heart's content.  Poor boy, hardly any backyard and being cooped up all winter, he was all smiles as he huffed about behind his longer-legged sisters.

Trying to keep up at the end as his sisters ran to play on the playground.
It was a short and sweet little walk, just enough to stretch our legs a bit and start getting our skin used to having the sun shine down upon it.  Hurray for spring!  I'm looking forward to our future excursions during the warmer weather.

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