Thursday, March 22, 2012

Does This Mean That I Don't Have to Teach Sex Ed?

We studied biology last year.  (Well, actually, we studied biology for about three months before we got to the end of what I had planned for the entire year, and then we studied chemistry and a little physics.)  One of the leftovers from our biology "phase" was a book about the human body.  It's a great little encyclopedia that covers all sorts of topics from organ systems to DNA to disease.

There is a two page spread on the reproductive system.  I checked it out before placing it on the bookshelf to make sure it was appropriate reading and decided that it was fine.  I figured that Bluebird would read through it quickly and put it back on the shelf, just like everything else.


Bluebird took it upon herself to become her sisters' biology teacher.

And little girls love to talk about babies.

So imagine my surprise today, while I was fixing a snack in the kitchen, when Junebug yells from the dining room, "Mama!  Do you have two egg cells left?"

Thinking that I could not possibly have heard my four year old say what I thought I just heard her say, I replied with, "What are you talking about?"  (Bonus points to me for staying calm.)

Penguin turned around in her chair with a big grin and exclaimed, "We're trying to decide if you can have twins!"

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