Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bluebird's Baptism

Our Eternal Family
Bluebird entered the waters of baptism this last weekend.  It was a beautiful day, full of family, friends, and so much joy that my heart seemed ready to burst.  I kept thinking, "Everything I have ever done or sacrificed to make this day a reality has been completely and utterly worth it."  It truly felt like Heaven on Earth.  That's the only way I can explain it.  I believe that Heaven will feel like her baptism.  Everything that mattered was in that little room--family, friends and faith.

People flew and drove many miles to be with Bluebird on her special day.  My granny and my aunt flew down from Seattle the night before, their flight getting in at 10pm and settling into their hotel room at 11:30pm.  I drove to their hotel to spend some time with them that late evening because they had to leave a few hours after Bluebird's baptism to catch their return flight home.  It was so good to see them, and then my aunt said, "Turn around."

My dad had come too.  (We won't go into my eardrum-shattering reception of his presence.)  My family, my family, my family.  Together to share in the realization of the dream that started when my granny was the first person in our family to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, back in the 1970's.

Michael's mother and aunt drove down from Idaho to be with us.  My children are so blessed to have these strong women in their lives.  They have testimonies that they aren't afraid to share.  Michael comes from a line of pioneer stock that is proud of their heritage.  I love that my children have that to claim as their own.  Thank you to the generations of faithful Latter-day Saints that have carried the Restored Gospel to this day.

My cousin, Bobby, and his wife Rachel and their adorable daughter also came down for the baptism.  They are cute newish-weds with a little child who are finishing up their degrees at BYU-Idaho...I remember what it was like to be in their shoes and I know what a sacrifice it was for them to be here with us.  And they did it happily, without a second thought...I was not as mature as them when I was their age.  Bobby served as one of the witnesses of Bluebird's baptism and Rachel gave a perfect talk about the Holy Ghost.  I can't believe that Bobby and I are working together to do these things now.  Yesterday he was running around with my brother, poking slugs with sticks.  Now he's helping confirm my daughter as a member of the Church.  When did that happen?!?!

Sadly, I don't have pictures of everyone who came to the baptism.  There were many people who came out to celebrate with Bluebird her momentous decision, and I was going to try to link to all of them, but the list got to be too long.  Each of you added an extra measure of special to a day already brimming with beauty and joy.  Thank you, thank you.

And my biggest thanks go to Michael.  He is a man of faith, an excellent father and the biggest blessing of a husband that any woman could ever wish to aspire to.  Without him this would not be possible...obviously, biologically, of course...but the guidance he provides to both me and our children and the example he sets pulls us to a higher level.  I was overcome with emotion as I watched him help Bluebird step into the water and realized that we are doing this.  This dream of an eternal family and a happily ever's happening and moving forward a little bit more every day.  It's so hard sometimes, but we don't give up and then we have a day like this and it just overwhelms me with gratitude and adoration for the man that he is.  Sometimes it feels like too much for one woman to have all to herself--Michael, Bluebird, Penguin, Junebug, Monkeyboy, my extended family, my friends and my faith.  It's all that matters.  And I have it all.

It was a wonderful day.

It's a wonderful life.


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