Monday, January 23, 2012

He vs. She Weight Loss Smackdown
End of Week 4: Take that!

Last Week's Weight: 220.6
Current Weight: 220.6
This Week's Weight Change+0.2 lbs.
Total Weight Loss: -3.6 lbs.

Starting Weight: 224.4 lbs.
Goal Weight: 175 lbs.

Weight Goal for this Week: 214.4 lbs. (-6.2 lbs), according to his fancy little spreadsheet.
Healthy Habit Goal for this Week: Less salt.  He ate a lot of salty foods yesterday and is weighing in at two pounds heavier than he has all week.  Next week's weight is going to look pretty impressive just with the water weight he's going to drop.
Last Week's Healthy Habit Goal: Eat smaller portions and no sugary drinks.  He went to Joe Bandido's on Thursday and ate a big combination plate of mexican food...and lost his resolve from that point on.  He ate an entire medium pizza over the weekend, by himself.  The Joe Bandido's happened as a result of co-worker pressure, so I think he'll probaby be a little more aware of that from now on.
Last Week's Weight
: 198.4

Current Weight: 194.6
This Week's Weight Change: -3.8 lbs.
Total Weight Change: -13.8 lbs.

Starting Weight: 208.4 lbs.

Goal Weight: 130 lbs.

Weight Goal for this Week:  193.7 lbs. (-0.9 lbs.), according to Michael's spreadsheet. I'd actually like to see something in the 190 range.

Healthy Habit Goal for this WeekRead more of that curriculum, choose water over diet soda.
Healthy Habit Goal for Last WeekReading my weight loss plan's curriculum.  I'm a few pages in and have found it inspiring.  My days are pretty full, so I haven't gotten as far as I'd like to have gone.

I was shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning; SHOCKED.  (I actually re-calibrated my scale just to make sure there wasn't some sort of error.)  I completely blew through my "pie-in-the-sky" goal of 195-196 lbs!  When I texted my health coach, she responded with "KACHOW!  You totally busted your goal!  That's awesome!", which just made this big ol' head of mine swell a teeny bit more.  (The power of a health coach...just get yourself one!)

This last week has been a week of tweaking and figuring things out for me and this plan.  I realized that, although I was choosing my healthiest option, my Knit Nite meal at the restaurant wasn't quite spot-on in fitting into the program.  I had a feeling that the low-calorie/low-fat/whatever salad dressing I was getting on my grilled chicken salad (with no feta cheese, no parmesan cheese, no onions, no red peppers and no tomatoes...) was secretly high in carbs and thus slowing my weight loss down.  I took my own dressing this last week and the next morning I had lost more weight, instead of the usual staying-where-I-was-the-day-before weight that is the norm for the morning after Knit Nite.  I think it's going to be little things like this that will spell out more weight loss for me in the long run.  I'm going to become one of those people who asks the waiter to bring them the bottle of salad dressing so I can look at the nutritional information!

Weight loss is so much fun when you're successful!  I'm just going to enjoy this awesomeness for this week, and remind Michael constantly that I smoked him once again.  He he he.

Next week is the last Monday of the month, so we'll have progress photos!  :)  Thanks so much for all the encouragement, it really makes a difference!

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