Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunch Conversation: "If I was a..."

I overheard the girls at lunch the other day:

Penguin:  "Bluebird, if I were a nocturnal creature, I'd would play on the XBox at night."

Bluebird:  "If I was a nocturnal creature, I'd totally bake at night."

Junebug:  "If I was a dragon, I'd sneak into your house and eat your XBox.  And Baxter.  And when I was flying and looking down, I'd eat you and your house.  Nom, nom, nom."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekly Report 2011-2012: Week 22
The Ottoman Empire & Autumn Constellations

The third week of Winter Quarter is complete!  We did school EVERY SINGLE SCHEDULED DAY.  It's been a long time since we've done that, so it's a triumph in my mind.  (I really do think that the only reason we were able to accomplish this is because my children decided to store up all of their mischief and launch it in my direction on Friday, instead of spreading it out over the course of the week.)

So yes, we did school as planned.  And that's about all there is to report.  We continued working on math lessons and we continued working on reading and writing. (I am amazed at what Bluebird is learning in Grammar--I've never had any formal instruction in grammar, so I'm learning all sorts of stuff right now.  Yeah, stuff that a second grader should supposedly know.  Ugh.)  Sometimes homeschooling is like that--you work your butt off every day and get everything done, but nothing is really spectacular or exciting.  Sometimes it's just lots of work and no activities.  I try to avoid this because I think a steady diet of "just schoolwork" burns the kids out.

In history we studied the Ottoman Empire.  It was a longer chapter, so we didn't do any projects because our project day was spent in getting through the last section of reading.

In science we studied the Autumn Constellations.  We have to study the constellations one season behind us because we do our star-gazing much earlier in the evening than the average astronomer, who apparently likes to go out around midnight.  (We do our observing around 8pm.)  We read the myths containing Perseus, Pegasus, Andromeda, Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus.  (Actually, I tried to read the myths, but Bluebird interrupted me and told me the myths from memory.)  There aren't really any pictures to show from that; it's too dark to take pictures when we go observe and I highly doubt you want to see a picture of us standing by the door each week before we go out.

Sadly, we did not get to any of our extra-curriculars.  It was a battle to get all the required subjects done each day and the extra-curriculars were repeatedly shelved.

We have next week's school to do before enjoying a week-long school break in which I will be blessed with the task of cleaning our house in expectation of company!  We're very excited!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does This Mean That I Have a Life?

January through March are cah-raaaazy months for me.  "Birthday Season" starts at the beginning of February, which gives me about six week to get out of Christmas Land and speed myself into the land of cakes and candles.  This year we have two milestone birthdays, one of which will also play host to a significant life decision which will require the feeding of extended family members and friends as they celebrate the big day.  Three of our family's six birthdays fall in February and March, with another in April, mine in May and then a break before Penguin's in August.

Throw on top of that the season of Girl Scout cookies.  Yes, we are in the middle of trudging around in the freezing January weather going door-to-door and asking people to promise to give us money in exchange for boxes of cookies at the beginning of March.  We will spend a little more than half of January doing this and at the beginning of March we will head back out to collect money, deliver the boxes and spend pointless hours explaining why we don't have anymore cookies to sell to the people who did not order cookies from us in the first place in January.

Add to that my new calling of Sacrament Music Director and remember that I was already the Choir Director before taking on the extra responsibility.  Instead of picking out, rehearsing and performing just the one song that the choir sings each month, I now pick out all the songs we sing every Sunday.  My new bishopric wants more special musical performances as well, which means a whole lotta praying all the time to figure out what the Spirit is trying to persuade me to pick for the music, who is supposed to perform it, and when.  Then there's the hunting down and convincing of said performers and arranging rehearsal times before the big event.  And remember that Easter is on April 8 and that the choir will be putting on an entire Easter program that I am responsible for putting together.

I also homeschool my kids, make every meal in this house, clean every room, wash every item of clothing and attempt to put some sort of physical exercise in the mix.

Is it overwhelming?  I thought it was until I was talking to a friend (before listening to her rehearsal for the special musical performance she had agreed to do last Sunday) and she said something that made me remember last year about this time.

When I got pregnant with Monkeyboy, I shut down all my outside obligations because I knew what pregnancy, post-partum and nursing did to me.  I knew I'd eventually become so psychotically depressed that I'd flake out on everything I agreed to, no matter how much I liked that particular event.  I wish I knew how to turn that switch off; but I don't, so I took precautionary measures and was successful in not letting anyone down, for the most part. 

About this time last year I was slogging my way through getting up each morning and even getting dressed.  It was a teeth-clenching battle of will power to get school done and make the clothes do their march through the machines so I could deposit them, unfolded, into each individual "Clean" laundry basket with someone's name on it.  Folding laundry was too much to ask of me; I could barely get it sorted into the baskets.  Going to church was an exercise in anxiety.  The idea of baking a birthday cake for each birthday made me seriously want to burst into tears.  I am not fun to be around during those days of New Babydom.  I've tried herbal remedies, exercise, eating healthy and anti-depressants; nothing makes it better.  (Anti-depressants make it much worse, actually.)

Compare last year with this year--that's what my friend made me think about doing.  And you know what?  I will take crazy, stressed out cookie selling, birthday planning, brunch hosting, snow days, dentist appointments, marathon laundry folding and mending enough clothes to outfit a staged musical over those days of doing nothing at all.  Give me work to do or leave me to atrophy.  It is so nice to have something to do and to be able to do it.

My psychological nose-dive that I enjoy with each pregnancy and post-partum period gives serious rise to the question of whether we should have more children or not.  I won't go into that here, as it is a very private decision between my husband and myself.  I was proud of myself with the last pregnancy for standing up and saying that I just couldn't do it all and for removing myself so I wouldn't have to deal with that inevitable self-hatred that accompanies having to back out of something at the last minute after giving your word that you would perform the task.  I took care of myself during a time that I obviously needed to be taken care of, rather than try to mould myself to satisfy others' expectations.  I'm proud of that; proud of finally being my own advocate.

And here we are a year later; I'm fully dressed, school is done by lunch-time and the laundry has successfully found its way, folded, into dressers on multiple days in a row.  The Girl Scout uniforms have all their badges sewn onto them and I've gone grocery shopping every week as scheduled.  I could choose to become paralyzed by the thought of all the work that lies ahead of me in the next few months...multiple birthday parties, school activities, monstrous dental work and lots of exercise...

...but for now, I'm just enjoying the commotion and this life that I have swirling around me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Report 2011-2012: Week 21
The Rus and Circumpolar Constellations

Winter Quarter Week #2 Complete!  We're getting back into the school routine; the beginning of the week was a little rough, but then we started to hit our stride towards the end of the week.  Monkeyboy battled a cold all week, thanks to his first full day in Nursery at church on Sunday, which made some of our days a little harder to manage.

Junebug threw a wrench into our schoolday on Thursday--we were doing beautifully and had stopped to have a snack.  As I was cleaning up the snack, Junebug came into the kitchen with a frightened expression on her face and, in a slightly muffled voice, said, "Mama, I have a cranberry stuck in my nose."  I've been waiting for this scenario since Bluebird learned to use her hands, so I didn't bother freaking out, just looked up her nose and discovered that I couldn't figure out what was cranberry and what was nasal tissue so that I should probably just take her in to see the doctor and have him extract the cursed piece of dried fruit.  Michael had to come home from work, I took her in, Doctor pulled it out and then gave Junebug a little talk about not putting things in our noses or ears, and we went home.  When we walked into the house, Penguin was in a full-blown video game trance and Bluebird had only finished half of what I expected her to finish while I was gone, but I eventually wrangled them back into school-mode and we did finish everything we needed to do that day.  Whew!

Math:  Doing good.  Bluebird is all over the place with topics right now.  We went over multiplying by ten and I smiled over her answers on the board--we had talked about how 100 cents equalled 1 dollar a few days prior to the lesson, so her answer to 10 x 10 always included "or $1.00" as an option.

Penguin is coming along in learning to write numbers out.  She really likes it when she gets to color on math handwriting worksheets.  The six pennies are colored "rainbow-styled," the two pennies are "soccer pennies," the three pennies are "winter pennies" and the five pennies are "Christmas pennies.  She was quite proud of herself.

Language Arts:  Bluebird finally got 100% on a spelling test.  FINALLY.  I totally bribed her into it too.  A few months ago, when it started to become obvious that she was beginning to give up on the entire subject of spelling, I informed her that I would buy her a book for every 100% spelling test that she could pull off.  She has definitely thrown her weight behind the idea of spelling now.  It was nice to see her have a moment of success with the subject.  I wish I could understand what is difficult about it for her.  (She chose A Practical Guide to Fairies as her reward book.  I have to take it away at every meal so she won't read it at the table.  Ha ha.)

We studied adverbs and adjective in grammar and did almost no writing.  I'm thinking I am going to combine the Writing with Ease exercises with our literature studies.  We can do copywork and dictation from the book that we're reading; there's really no reason to divide it up with another book.

Penguin is learning about the silent "e" at the end of words that make the vowel says its name.  She's doing splendidly with it.  Whenever the book adds an "s" onto the end of a word she squeals, "They're trying to trick me!"  When she reads the words correctly she exclaims that she is so much smarter than the book because it can't trick her.  It's pretty cute.

Literature:  This quarter we're studying Shakespeare's works.  This week we read "A Midsummer Night's Dream."  I'm just happy we read it and got a narration page written up.  It was a hard week to get everything done.  My plan is to piggyback writing exercises on the books from now on, so we'll do copywork and dictation in addition to the narrations from now on.  We'll also watch a dramatized version of each play, which works much better when you actually remember to send in your previous Netflix DVDs so that the ones you need for school can actually arrive at your house.  Next week, we are going to be awesome at this!

History:  We studied the Rus going into Europe and battling for Constantinople, Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible.  Bluebird and I agree the Ivan the Terrible "was really mean."  No projects this week; once again, I'm just glad we got through the reading and narration pages.  It would have been nice to do the Bread and Salt greeting, but we couldn't find time for it.

Science:  Circumpolar Constellations.  We also kept track of what the moon is up to, phase-wise.  Not very exciting, but it did get done.  Some weeks are like that.

Extracurriculars:  Ha ha.  Do we even do these?  We did do Music Appreciation!  Of course, I have no plan for Music Appreciation at the moment, so I just chose a random CD of classical music for them to listen to while playing with Play-Doh.  (Debussy, if you wanted to know.)  I'm in the process of creating my four year plan for Music Appreciation and Art, so this will improve in the weeks to come.  I promise!  :)

Highlights of the Week:
  • Bluebird's 100% spelling test!  Go girl!
  • Bluebird beat a math drill for the first time at the shorter time of 45 seconds.  It was a big deal that was brought up many times during the rest of the day.
  • The girls were ecstatic to be able to play with Play-Doh again.  It's been too long.
  • Our Shakespeare source is available for free on the Kindle!   (Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, if you're interested.)  A whole quarter's worth of reading for free!
  • I decided to give the Heat Dish a try in our cold little schoolroom and the decision has been lauded by all my children and our pets.  (It is much nicer down there now with an extra heat source...)

Lowlights of the Week:
  • Monkeyboy's crying jags.  Oh my goodness, someone give me an award for dealing with that all week.
  • Quesnel has gone into heat yet again.  Oh my goodness, someone give me an award for dealing with all the yowling and tripping over her because she practically sits on my feet all day.  I have got to remember to get her spayed.  Turns out the county will do it for $35, which is far more affordable than the $230 price tag that our vet quoted us.
  • Bluebird had a hard day on Monday and spent a lot of time in Time-Out, which eventually came to include doing her schoolwork in Time-Out, or it would never have been completed.  Sometimes you just have to throw "good writing posture" out the window in order to make a point.

Funnies of the Week:
  • After receiving her light-hearted lecture on not putting stuff in her ears and nose, Junebug informed the doctor that you're also not supposed to put stuff in your eyes or your hair.
  • Bluebird's "$1.00" answers to anything equalling 100.  I don't know why I find it so entertaining, but I do.  :)
General Observations:
  • Grammar would be easier if I printed up the definitions of each part of speech and posted them on the wall.  Bluebird does better with visual reminders rather than verbal.
The quarter is going well so far.  I'm hoping that next week will be rock solid.  Of course, next week is the first week of Girl Scout cookie order-taking, so this may be a rather naive hope to be hoping.  We'll see.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Proud Monkeyboy

I was in the kitchen, busy with lunch preparations, when Monkeyboy toddled in and pulled on my hand while pointing towards his bedroom.  He's never done that before, so I stopped what I was doing and followed his lead as he pulled me along into his room.  When we entered his bedroom, he let go of my hand and ran over to a LEGO plate with a little tower built on it, pointing at the tower emphatically and looking back at me with the proudest grin a little guy can wear.

He wanted me to see the tower he built.

I praised him and kissed him and clapped my hands, and then I asked if he wanted me to take a picture.


I came back with the camera and told him to smile, and here it is.

Sweet, sweet baby boy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011-2012 Weekly Report:
Happy Winter Quarter!

And welcome to the re-instatement of the Weekly Report!  I tried out the idea of doing one big report at the end of the quarter with our Autumn Quarter, but found that I missed reading all the little updates and happenings that happened each individual week.

That being said, it was our first week of school after a two-week Christmas break; therefore, it was a bit of a slow week as we eased back into our normal routine.

Monday:  No School!  Michael was home for his New Year's day off, so we hung out with him and did absolutely nothing.  It was awesome.

Tuesday:  First Day of Winter Quarter.  I'm finding that it's best to spend the first day of the quarter just cleaning up the school room and putting everything in order.  It's an exercise in getting up at the normal "school day" time, eating breakfast and getting ready in short order and listening to Mom and following instructions.  So that what we did.  We pulled out all the bins and carts and swept and vacuumed every inch of floor and put everything back into its correct place, and then we decorated the schoolroom for winter quarter with snowflakes!  They love to decorate, so why not allow them a day of making seasonal doo-dads to hang from the ceiling?  Now our schoolroom is a "snow storm," as Penguin and Junebug like to call it.

We also managed a little bit of science on Tuesday.  We're beginning with our study of astronomy this quarter (Good bye, Earth Science!  Thank you so much for being over with!), so I ran Bluebird through the basics of the four compass directions and how to read a star chart, and then we headed into the canyon (to get away from light pollution) so we could do a little star-gazing. 

Bundled up for some winter stargazing!
She can now find the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and knows that one of the stars points to the North Star (Polaris--which name she struggles to remember correctly, but she knows there's some sort of the word "polar" in its name).  She's quick to point out Orion's belt and can tell you that the star Betelgeuse is located somewhere in that constellation, and that the reddish star is not it.  After some serious confusion on my part, we've both come to realize that the really bright "star" in the south is not a star at all--it's Jupiter.  She's looking forward to getting out the telescope and taking a look at the planets, but that will come in a month or two, after she's got the major constellations down cold.  I have been looking forward to our astronomy unit for eight years now, ever since I first read the science section in The Well-Trained Mind and they explained the four year science cycle with its inclusion of astronomy in the second year.  This is so much fun for me right now!

WednesdayFirst day of "real" school.  Everything went very well.  Kids behaved, work got done.  Our schoolroom is abysmally cold and we had to bring everything upstairs after an hour, despite Bluebird snuggling up in her Schoolroom Sweater and me wearing alpaca socks.  The outside thermometer was registering at 33°F, which is at the warmer side of "normal" around here this time of year, so I foresee many Winter Quarter school days being spent upstairs around the kitchen table.  It might be a good thing, as most of Monkeyboy's toys are upstairs and that will be nice for him.

That evening I took Bluebird and Penguin up to their Girl Scout meeting for selling cookies and we purchased the badges and awards that they are scheduled to earn this quarter.  They were very excited about it all and mourned the thought that they had to waste the next day doing school work instead of working on their badges.

Thursday:  I was a softie and let them work on Girl Scout stuff.  It's the first week of school, so whatever.  They labored away on their "My Promise, My Faith" award, which is brand spanking new this year.  Bluebird chose to base her efforts on the "Friendly and Helpful" part of the Girl Scout Law and Penguin chose "Make the World a Better Place."  They then each found a hymn that spoke about the same topic, found quotes from women about those ideas and drew pictures about what they learned.  All that's left for them to do now is to talk to a woman of faith and find out how she lives that part of the Girl Scout Law and how her faith supports that idea.  I'm liking this new award.

Friday:  This quarter I'm going to give the four day school week a try, leaving Friday for errands and fun activities.  Hopefully it will afford a little more calm and order in our home.

Highlights of the Week:
  • The snowflakes in the schoolroom are really nice.  We all enjoyed the activity and the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling make everyone smile when they go downstairs.  I call that a successful activity!
  • It does not appear that Bluebird and Penguin have had any information atrophy out of their brains over Christmas break.
  • Monkeyboy is learning his colors!
Lowlights of the Week:
  • I could get bent out of shape over not getting more done, but I've decided not to go down that path.
  • My lesson plan is so not done.  Not good.
Funnies of the Week:
  • In addition to learning his colors, Monkeyboy is becoming much more vocal.  The girls were playing a game one evening and getting a little loud and Monkeyboy marched into the room with a frown on his face, put one hand on his hip and pointed the other at the girls and said, "Gools!  Hush!  Hey!"  I about died laughing.  He and I spent the next fifteen minutes or so saying, "Hey!" and pointing fingers at the other, which made him collapse in giggles.  He's growing up so fast!
  • Penguin:  "I need to use toothpaste that has Clorox."
    Me:  "You mean 'fluoride.'"
General Observations: I think we're going to do well this quarter. I'm still settling my lesson plan and activity ideas, so I need to get that done to avoid any crazy last-minute stuff. Bluebird is blossoming into a nice little student and Penguin is following in her footsteps very well. Junebug did well this week, but she may become an issue as the weeks move on. I need to find more things for her to do. Monkeyboy is a toddler and I fully expect him to make our days a little more difficult, just as his older sisters all did at his age. It's temporary though and will eventually go away as he gets older. I just need to find good activities for him when I'm doing intense work with the older girls.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day in the Life: Monday, October 31, 2011

I figure, since I'm due for another "Day in the Life" day in February, that I better hurry up and post this one from back in October. Better late than never, right?

Bluebird 7 years old, Penguin 5 years old, Junebug 3 years old, Monkeyboy 18 months old.

4:45 AM:  Alarm goes off

4:55:  My gym partner texts me to tell me that she won't be going this morning.

5:02:  I'm in the car, pulling out of the driveway.

5:15:  "Power Yoga" begins.  I have two moments of "I can't do this" during the class, but I push through them.

6:00:  I leave the class early because I've got to leave the gym by 6 AM if I want any hope of things going according to schedule at home.

6:10:  I arrive home and get into the shower.

6:50:  The alarm on my phone goes off to tell me to start waking up the kiddos.  I opt to quickly read through Doctrine & Covenants 25 before so I can get some sort of scripture study in for the day.

7:00:  I make my bed and then go downstairs to wake up Bluebird and Penguin.

7:10:  I start breakfast.  Bluebird starts reading her scriptures at the kitchen table.  She can get baptized in February when she turns eight, so I'm encouraging her to read through The Book of Mormon beforehand so she can develop a testimony of it and be better prepared to accept the covenants of baptism.

7:30:  The three of us eat breakfast.

7:40:  Monkeyboy wakes up and has his breakfast.

8:00:  Junebug gets up and eats breakfast, Bluebird and Penguin begin their morning chores.

8:23:  I send Bluebird to time out for punching Penguin in the stomach.

8:45:  I get the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes and style their hair.

9:19:  I finish with getting the kids dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, etc.  They are very distractable today.  I put Monkeyboy down for his morning nap.

9:30:  We start our devotional.  We read from the children's version of the Doctrine & Covenants and Penguin says our morning prayer.
9:40:  Math.  Bluebird goes over her addition and subtraction facts, plus the 0, 1 & 2 multiplication facts.  Penguin works independently on her penmanship while I work with Bluebird.

10:05:  Bluebird finishes her math and I ask her to help Junebug learn her letters.  While the two of them work together, I work with Penguin on her math--counting as high as she can go until she wants to stop.  She skips 39 and hesitates before remembering the 80's.  Not bad.

10:20:  Bluebird starts on her penmanship.

10:25:  I start working on phonics with Penguin.  Junebug is playing on the floor by herself.

10:30:  Junebug brings out the pretend cake set and starts playing "Bakery."

10:40:  I realize I haven't started the laundry.  I start up a load and return to listen to Penguin read.  I reach for my knitting and put in a few rows while listening to Penguin.

10:45:  Bluebird starts on her spelling worksheet.

10:52:  I orally quiz Bluebird on her spelling words, despite her obvious disapproval.  We eventually get her spelling each word correctly, with repeated mis-spellings of the word "they're."  Oh, she hates spelling!
Bluebird's visual commentary on
what she thinks about writing.
11:00: We start Bluebird's grammar lesson, Penguin takes over playing with the cake set and Junebug decides to explore the schoolroom.

11:10:  Bluebird begins her writing lesson, Penguin takes off her costume because she's too hot and Junebug has started to amuse herself by squashing the cat.  The writing lesson is interrupted a few time with reminders to not lay on the cat.

11:25:  History time:  Origins of the English language.  I get Bluebird situated with her textbook and I head upstairs to start the CrockPot, but then decide after a few minutes of trying to get my ingredients assembled that dinner would just be easier to cook on the stove today.  I have no idea why Monkeyboy is still sleeping, as he usually wakes up around 10:30 from his nap.  Must be a tired lil' Bubba.

11:36:  The garbage truck rumbles down our street, demanding that all Brookelets drop whatever they're doing so they may stare at it through the kitchen window.  The commotion wakes up Monkeyboy, who was not ready to wake up from his nap.

11:37:  I ask Penguin to empty the dishwasher.

11:40:  After repeated begging, Junebug is allowed to take over emptying the dishwasher and Penguin goes on to her next chore:  scooping kitty litter.  I start cutting some celery for "Ants on a Log" and some carrot sticks.

11:43:  Bluebird appears upstairs to report on her history reading.

11:44:  Bluebird heads outside to scoop dog poop.

11:50:  I watch Penguin through the kitchen window as she runs down the sidewalk to swing her bag of cat waste into the garbage can.  Cute girl.  She and Bluebird come back into the house together and I send them off to wash their hands.

12:10 PM:  We sit down for lunch.  I strip down Junebug so she can't get her Minnie Mouse costume dirty, she retaliates against the injustice by discovering the comical value of sticking peanut butter-covered raisins into her belly button.  The other girls roar with laughter.  I threaten Junebug with a hard scrubbing of her belly button if she doesn't knock it off NOW.  The threat works.  She stops, and even attempts to wipe off any excess peanut butter from her tummy.

12:30:  Lunch is finished.  I ask Bluebird to go vacuum the schoolroom.

12:40:  Penguin asks me to floss her teeth because she has celery strings in between them.  We then start cleaning up the tornado mess that is Junebug's room.  Bluebird declares that her throat and stomach are hurting and asks if she can go take a nap in her bed.  I suspect that she's just trying to get out of helping clean Junebug's room, but I let her go anyway.

1:10:  We finish cleaning Junebug's (and Monkeyboy's...I just call it Junebug's for short) room.  Bluebird skips up the stairs, magically healed of her ailments.  I exclaim that her return to health is just perfectly in time for her to pick up the living room!

1:20:  Bluebird goes to Time Out for stuffing trash between the couch cushions.

1:25:  I sweep the kitchen while the Brookelets play in various parts of the house.

1:30:  I mop.  Bluebird returns to her living room cleaning duties.

1:55:  I finish mopping and call out a five minute warning for Rest Time.

2:05:  Bluebird and Penguin are in their beds.  Penguin wants to take a nap, so she's tucked in; and Bluebird wants to read her "special school book" (The Canterbury Tales, re-told by Geraldine McCaughrean).

2:15:  Junebug and Monkeyboy are in their respective beds with books.  Junebug is going to "read" Ladybug Girl Goes to the Beach, the Hello, Cupcake! Cookbook, and Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory.

2:25:  Baxter lays down for his afternoon nap.  I set the timer for 45 minutes and sit down to enjoy a book myself.

3:10:  The timer goes off and Bluebird can be heard scrambling up the stairs.  Monkeyboy demands release from his crib.  Penguin and Junebug are fast asleep.

3:15:  I let Bluebird and Monkeyboy watch an episode of "Shaun the Sheep" so I can work on last-minute Halloween preparations.

And once again, my second sheet of what happened during that day has gone missing.  Judging by the pictures, we had a regular evening of Trick or Treating which probably ended well past bedtime.

Enjoyed this peek into our lives?
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