Monday, August 8, 2011

NOT Back to School Blog Hop:
School Room Week

Once again, Happy NOT Back to School!
This week at Heart of the Matter, they're hosting the second week of the blog hop, which focuses on us all showing off our schoolrooms (or lack thereof).

We're in a bit of a transition in regards to our schoolroom this year.  Up until now we've been doing school at the kitchen table, using the pantry as our "homeschool closet."  However, due to the increasing nature of our family, I've found myself needing said pantry to use as a...pantry.  Meals were becoming a problem, as we couldn't just push aside a couple books to the middle of the table anymore.  It was a big, cluttered mess.

So we've moved downstairs into our unfinished basement, something I've been avoiding until the basement was finished.  Unfortunately, the funds never make themselves available for finishing the basement, so we're just going to make do without walls this year.  Hopefully we can tackle the finishing next summer?  (Don't hold your breath, I've been hoping for that scenario for many summers now.)

Despite the lack of walls and carpet padding, I like our new schoolroom.  It's nice to have a very dedicated space for this occupation that takes up most of our day.  The littler children can roll around on the floor and play with LEGOs within my sight while I work with an older sibling, and we're removed enough within the house to give Monkeyboy some serious quiet for his naps.  (Meeting at the kitchen table placed us ten feet from his bedroom door, which led to a lot of interrupted naps.)

I use rolling carts to hold each child's grade-specific line writing paper and to keep the construction paper sorted by color, and use the shorter drawers on top to hold each child's completed school work and art work.

I'm re-purposing our changing table as a school shelf.  It's a little messy right now because, well, it gets messy easily and I'm writing this post under a bit of a time crunch.  It holds the bins that houses each child's books for specific subjects.  On the bottom shelf are the jugs of paint for re-filling paint cups, the big box of construction paper for filling up the drawers when they get empty...those sort of things.

This is the "Preschool Cart," which is stocked with things to keep Junebug occupied while I'm working with her older sisters.  There's dress-up dolls, coloring books, lacing beads and things like that in there.  She still prefers to haul out the Math Manipulatives and play with those instead.  Oh well, at least you can't fault me for not putting enough effort into it.

I'm saving my pennies to purchase a cork board and a magnetic white board to go on the wall over the table.  I want the corkboard for our "assignments" that need updating each month:  lyrics for the month's Primary song, the scripture of the month, whatever poem(s) they're memorizing in First Language lessons, that sort of thing.  I've lately found myself having to get out our little lap chalkboard a lot in order to teach Bluebird's math lessons, so now I want a whiteboard that I can just reach up and write upon easily.

Our piano is against the one wall you don't see in the pictures, and I'd like to move that upstairs so I can line that wall with bookshelves.  (Homeschooler's Paradise!)  I'd also like to purchase cabinets to hang along the ceiling line to store more stuff (it will pile up in the next few years!) and acquire a standing closet with doors so I can stash the more distracting supplies (paint, glitter, board games, etc.) from my pupil's direct vision.

The hardest thing about our schoolroom is that we have no sink.  I thought that wouldn't be a hindrance, but it's quickly becoming apparent that the sink is an important tool in homeschooling.  (And trooping up the stairs and using the kitchen sink is a noisy and nap-interrupting endeavor!)  Perhaps, someday, when we finish the basement and put in that much-needed bathroom down there, our problem will be solved.

So there it is, where we spend a lot of waking hours during a school day.  It's a nice little spot.


  1. WM has a pretty decent size magnetic white board for 20 bucks. When we moved to our new room, I couldn't find the wall space, and had to get a smaller one. I need to rearrange to find more wall space!

  2. It's nice to have a space where you can leave stuff out mid-project if you need to. I love how your drawers are so organized!

    I'm trying to remember where I got my corkboard, but it wasn't that expensive. And I'm pretty sure, after looking at mine after a while, that it wouldn't be too difficult to make one.

  3. We have an extra white board you can have if you want it, but it's kind of cheap-o (hard to erase). Let me know if you want it.


  4. It looks great. I wish I had a space like that and the hope to complete it someday.

  5. I think you've done a GREAT job with your space!! Everything is so organized and bright. Hope you have a great year!

  6. You have such a great school space Cara! I am with you on needing a sink. Our school room is in the basement too. How nice it would be if we had a bathroom down there to wash up after projects. One day!

  7. You have done a great job with your space. Very organized! The walls will come... in the meantime, enjoy the uniqueness of your current arrangement. Have a wonderful year!

  8. Looks great. Sometimes our situations aren't what we want but we just make do. Looks like you have a great place for learning to take place. Love it.


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