Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Wedding Shawl Drama

Ha!  You thought, that with the completion of The Wedding Shawl, that all the drama was over.

Well, you (and I) were wrong.

Oh, so very wrong.

I posted about the completion of The Wedding Shawl on Wednesday, May 25th.  I was elated.  I would spontaneously erupt into little "Happy Dances" whilst walking about my home.  My family stopped asking me why I was dancing because they knew I was still oh-so-pleased with myself for finishing The Wedding Shawl.

This behavior lasted for two days.


Because, on Friday, May 27th, I received a message from my soon-to-be Sister-in-Law which said: 
"So... I really hope that you don't hate me, but I went and looked at real wedding dresses today, and absolutely fell in love with a dress...and I bought it. It is white and champagne, and the shawl still goes with it, as white, champagne, and black are still the wedding colours. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know about the change, and, ugh, I just really hope that it didn't put a damper on your wedding excitement. Take care, hope to talk to you soon.

Sincerely, your hugely indecisive, pain in the a** sister-in-law"
(Let the record show that I did not put in those asterisks.  They were her addition...I don't know if that's how she writes or if she "censored" the language because I don't swear.  Whichever reason it is, I think it's cute...hopefully that makes sense.)

I stewed on the subject for a few hours.  I wasn't mad that she switched her dress.  (Really, shouldn't a bride be allowed to change her dress for her own wedding if she so desires?)  The black shawl probably would not go with her new white dress.  (And really, what kind of message does it send to wear a black shawl over your wedding dress?)  I like knitting, especially pretty stuff, so I offered to make another shawl for her, this time in white.

It's sort of insane.  But I feel good about it this way.  I want to do this nice thing for her, and if she wants a white dress at her wedding instead of a black one...who can blame her for that?  Duh.  Get with the program or get out of the pool.

I gathered up pattern choices once again.  In addition to the original offerings, I gave Carly the option of choosing from:
  1. Rock Island: 
  2. Holden Shawl: 
  3. Ishbel: 
  4. Haruni Shawl: 
  5. Summer Flies:
  6. Citron:
  7. Calais Shawl:
  8. Percy Shawl:
  9. Orchid Thief:
  10. Frozen Leaves:
  11. Diamonds Shawl:
She immediately picked Rock Island.  Wedding Shawl, take two...

(And yes, the black shawl is still hers.  It still goes with the original black dress.)

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  1. I admire you for taking on a second shawl!

    I'm currently knitting Echo Flowers for my own wedding in July. :)


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