Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday: May 18, 2011
The Parade of Works-in-Progress!

(While it may strike one as odd to have a post about various works-in-progress shortly following a post where I denounce my time spent crafting, I spent the last week and a half with almost no or completely no voice...there were few things I could do besides reading, knitting and watching television.  As a result, much progress was made in the Brooketopian Crafting Realm.)

In Order of Importance:
WIP #1:  The Wedding Shawl
Start Date:  February 11, 2011
The Wedding Shawl came off the needles on April 28th and has since been sitting on my sewing table, awaiting blocking.  The blocking wires arrived last week, but a friend from Knit Group wants to watch the mysterious process of I'm waiting until we can find a day where we can hang out and block some lace.

Yes, it's tiny; but I wanted to give y'all a good bunch of pictures so that when I finish blocking this thing you can be absolutely amazed at the magic that is blocking.  Sheer magic.  Amazingness.  (Yes, Bluebird had fun modelling for me...)

WIP #2:  Cherry Blossom Baby Blanket
Start Date:  May 13, 2011
Michael and I will soon become the proud uncle and aunt of a new niece, set to arrive in the July/August period.  I've been missing knitting baby things, so I'm totally excited to make a widdle baby bwankie.  I've had this color scheme in my mind for a little while now, just waiting for a special little girl to decide to join our (extended) family.

WIP #3:  Circus of Colors Scarf
Start Date:  July 12, 2010
Oh thank heavens, it's finally done!  I go back and forth between "This scarf is so outrageously awesome!" and "This scarf is hideously obnoxious!"  I think it will easily accomplish its task of cheering me up during the gray winter months.  I'm not counting this as "finished" because it needs some blocking to look its best. shoot!  I'll see if I can book Bluebird...but she's highly-in-demand these days.

WIP #4:  Pink Percy Shawl
Start Date:  January 31, 2011
This project is technically "hibernating," but I did put in five rows on it in the last week.  I started this while I was impatiently waiting for the yarn to arrive for The Wedding Shawl and put it in hibernation once the black yarn came through the door.  I really like this shawl because it's a gorgeous color; and wait until you see it when it's finished and blocked!  But...a lace shawl...for the mother of four young children?  Motivation is low, despite having developed a strong affinity for my Charlotte's Web Shawl in past months and wearing it all the time.  Perhaps it just takes me a while to warm up to some projects.  I dunno.

On My Mind:
  1. A Little Whiskey Capelet for Bluebird, who has gotten a little green-eyed with all the fuss over shawls lately.  I have the yarn and the pattern, but apparently I've morphed from a tight knitter into a slightly loose knitter (don't make the joke...) and so while I originally thought I had the right sized needles, it turns out that I actually do not have the correct sizes to match the pattern gauge.
  2. I've struck some absolutely adorable Robot Mittens from my queue because I could not get them to come out as small as I needed them to be (for Bluebird), even on size 000 (1.5 mm) needles.  I don't want to knit on needles smaller than that!  Click.  Click.  Deleted.  [insert disappointment]
  3. Rock Island Shawl--I've been drooling over this pattern since it came out last month, and Kirsten gifted me with some gorgeous laceweight yarn for my birthday that would be absolutely perfect!
  4. Peacock Feathers Stole--I swatched for this a few years ago and I still plan to make it...someday.  The problem is, I swatched while battling morning sickness with Monkeyboy; so now whenever I look at the pattern or the yarn I'm overcome with waves of nausea.  Once I get up the courage to take on the psychosomatic nausea, I will give this another go.
  5. Baby Chalice Blanket--I have to make this because it's beautiful and we're supposed to encourage beauty in our lives.  It was on the list for our new niece, but I think it will take me much longer to complete than I have time for at the moment.  Michael and I were discussing the wisdom in having some handknit baby items on-hand for gifting purposes, so perhaps I'll just make one in the future and gift it when the occasion presents itself.
  6. Socks--seriously, I'm going to learn how to make them.  It is my hope that I will make a pair for Michael and that he'll love handknit socks so much that he'll never want to go back to storebought socks and therefore more firmly cement the need for knitting in my life.  Mwa ha ha ha ha!
  7. Renaissance Faire Clothing--there's another Ren Faire in Utah coming up in July, but I have decided not to attend this year in order to save money for our travelling expenses to my brother's wedding.  I hope to outfit the Little Brooketopians for next year's festival.
  8. Quilting is on my mind.  I have a handful of unfinished quilts stashed on the top shelves of my closet, and I have some seriously cute color themes a-brewing in the ol' noggin.

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