Monday, March 28, 2011

It Could Be Taken Both Ways, I Suppose...

We invited a family over for Family Home Evening tonight, but they had to cancel because the mama is pregnant and she just wasn't feeling so great.

When we went to start our Family Home Evening, Penguin asked why our friends weren't here.

I told her that they weren't going to come because the mommy was feeling yucky, so she wanted to stay home and rest.

"Why does she feel yucky?," asked Penguin.

"Because she has a baby in her tummy," I replied.

Junebug was walking by at this point of the conversation and abruptly stopped.  Looking very concerned, she asked, "But why did she eat her baby?"


  1. Thanks for sharing your darling girls and their comments. They made me smile!!

  2. Well there I was staying politely away from your blog until April 1! That said-- man I miss you guys:)

  3. TOOO FUNNY!!! I love not knowing what they are going to say. My 10 year old stuck himself with a safety pin and looked at my, "OWWWW...why is it called a safety pin!!!!"

    Found your blog in the blog roll at the Homeschool Lounge. Love it!! New follower:)

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