Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Finish ALL UFOs

In case it's not obvious, I'm a bit of a crafter.  I like to dabble in many different crafting areas and Michael wins the "Super Husband" award for being extremely understanding of my incessant desire to create and learn about new ways to create different things.  I love to take materials and transform them into something useful and/or beautiful.

I've acquired an impressive array of Unfinished Objects (UFOs) throughout the past years.  I've also managed to create a "To-Do/Want-To-Do" List that can probably never be completed in my lifetime.  The existence of these things causes me some stress because I know they're just sitting there all unfinished, money having been spent to procure the supplies and a substantial investment of time already put into each UFO.  But more and more projects landed at my feet, begging to be completed and thus relegating the UFOs to darker and dustier corners of the closet.

I've become interested in learning how to weave.  Unfortunately, there is a significantly larger start-up cost to this particular hobby and I just don't feel right investing that sort of money while I still have unfinished business connected to previously learnt crafts.  I remembered a post I read on The Yarn Harlot's blog last year and decided to tweak it for myself and my UFOs.

So I found a bunch of paper grocery bags.  Well, actually, I had five on-hand, did a Facebook request for the other thirteen, and then made plans to pick up the offered bags from my neighborhood friends.  But then Michael came down with a wicked lung infection and then we were hit with an enormous dump of snow and I just couldn't fathom braving the icy winds for some grocery bags.  I just waited until grocery shopping night and asked them to bag up my groceries in paper.  It seemed like it was taking a really long time for the bagging boy to bag up my groceries, so I told him that I really just needed thirteen paper sacks and if he just wanted to give those to me and bag up the rest of my groceries in plastic bags that it would be OK.  After he seemedly breathed a sigh of relief, he counted out the number of paper bags that would get me to thirteen and proceeded to bag everything else in plastic and said that next I should just ask for the bags upfront.  (With a smile, he was a nice boy.)  I still find it all rather amusing.

I also claimed half of the master bedroom closet for craft storage.
No more hunting through the house for craft supplies!
(This is a work-in-progress photo.)
Anyway, I took my paper bags and emptied the remainins of each UFO into its own bag, complete with pattern and notions, rolled down the top and stapled them shut.  (I've also thrown a few of the "I want to make that, but never have the time" projects into the mix, just to keep things interesting and cut into the stash a wee bit.)  I have nine knitting bags and nine sewing bags, as I plan to complete both a knitting and sewing project each month.

"But wait!" you say, "There's twelve months in a year and you've only got nine sets of bags!"
Calm down, calm down, I know how to count.  I simply had the genius idea to limit my Christmas crafting in this next year to two distinct months--August and September.  (I'm sure I'll write a post to explain the reasoning behind that decision and choice of months in the future.)  So no catch-up crafting during that time, and I need October for Halloween costumes.  Hence, nine sets of bags.  I marked the Sewing bags with an "S" and the knitting bags with a "K."  It's crazy complicated, but I'm sure I can spare the brain cells to remember my system throughout the year.  I threw the bags up onto the top shelf in the closet to wait out the year.

This morning I granted Bluebird the supreme privilege of choosing my first two bags.  Since she's suffering through a particularly yucky cold right now, she picked a number between one and nine (five) and I simply counted that many bags into the row and pulled them out:

And wouldn't you know it, she managed to "pick" two bags with completely new projects in them.  However, they are projects I've been wanting to get to for quite some time, so I'm appreciative to "have permission" from myself to work on them.

The top photo is the pattern for Little Guy Ties, which includes an adult-sized version of the pattern.  I do not have fabric for it just yet, as I didn't know when I'd be workinig on them and ties tend to be sort of seasonal in fabric choice.  I'm leaning towards the Thing One and Thing Two fabric from the Dr. Seuss fabric line that's out right now...I'm planning to make both a tie for Michael and Monkeyboy and think that it would be so stinking cute.  Also, Michael is starting to acquire a healthy collection of Dr. Seuss ties and this would fit into it nicely.

The bottom photo features some yarn I bought during Yarn Quest with the intent of knitting myself a long overdue Aran Scarf plus any sort of accessories I could eek out of the remaining yarn.  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I just love Cascade 220.  I've made an Aran Scarf before for a scarf exchange in which I did not receive a thank you for my efforts.  I've been slightly bitter about it ever since.  Now I can rectify the situation.  Kind of.  :)

I've felt sort of smug about my grand plan until I was browsing through Ravelry this morning and came across someone else who had the exact same plan and was clever enough to create a group for it.  (Of course I joined! I'm now officially a member of "Stash Bust Anarchy 2011.")

This is a pretty big resolution, so I'm going to keep my resolution list short with only this goal on it.  I do have another project/idea that I'm working on, but it's more a "fun thing to do" rather than a "goal," so it doesn't count.  More on that later.

Now I know that y'all have some resolutions as well and I love to hear about other's resolutions!  What goals will you be working towards this year?

And, oh yeah, Happy New Year!

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