Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly Report(s): September 13-October 8, 2010

Yeah, you read that right...September 13th through October 8th.  That's a whole lotta weeks.  With not a whole lotta school going on.  I don't know what's going on, but I think I may just be getting a big, fat lesson in "learn how to be flexible with your plans."

Ugh, this school year is the stuff of...geez.  We were supposed to start school on August 16th, but Michael's stepfather passed away and we decided to spend that time in Idaho with regrets there; in fact, I'm glad we had the flexibility that homeschool afforded us to partake of that opportunity.

Week #2--I was sick with whatever it was that Michael brought home from Belgium
Week #3--One week of school
Week #4--Labor Day messed with our plans a bit
Week #5--Sagebrush pollen made it almost impossible for me to function
Week #6--Still suffering through my sagebrush allergies, and then we left for Seattle
Week #7--We did some school, despite being 890 miles away from home.
Week #8--Still some more school in Seattle, despite the stress of my grandfather being diagnosed with congestive heart and chronic lung failure while we there.
Week #9--We travelled home, and since it was a scheduled school break, I decided to take the break rather than try to catch up and stress us out even more.

Next year, I'm just writing a big fat question mark over the month of September.  The sagebrush pollen is just nasty here and I'm wickedly allergic to it.  I might just schedule our school year to begin in October.

So we'll hop back onto the homeschool wagon this coming Monday.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to try to catch up or if I'll just go along at regular speed and finish when we finish.  Any veteran homeschoolers want to weigh in with their opinions?  Sprint vs. marathon?  Relax, it all gets covered...etc.?



  1. Veteran homeschooler here!

    It's a marathon, not a sprint. Relax, it all gets covered.

    I mean it. Relax! Just go along at your regular speed, and you'll finish when you finish. Five years from now it won't matter one bit. :)

  2. I'm not a veteran homeschooler but I've been a mom for a long time! Your kids are still little. You WILL eventually teach them what they need to know. Some families take the good weather months off---you might have to just take the allergy month off! It will all work out :)

  3. I'm with Melanie! The things I stressed about (and stressed my oldest over) don't matter now!

    Finish when you finish!

    Lee (11th year of homeschooling!)

  4. I'm not a veteran homeschooler but I'm definitely going with the marathon philosophy. We have only done 2 or 3 full weeks since June and theoretically we are year-round homeschoolers.

    I also want to say I totally sympathize with the allergies. I have awful fall allergies and I feel so bad when I can't stand to take the kids outside on a beautiful day - not if I want to breathe at least.

  5. I'm not a veteran homeschooler (it's my first year), but I don't think you should try to cram everything in. Among other things, it's only first grade. Make sure reading and math are solid; don't stress about whether you finish your spelling, grammar, history, and art curricula.

  6. What are you catching up to? If there is a deadline that won't budge that is one thing, but if it's a self imposed "should" I'd let it go. Life is too short to add stress : )! Sounds like you've had lots of challenges this year. This is our 20th yr of homeschooling and each and every one has been totally different!
    Are your kids happy, healthy, developmentally appropraite, growing in their faith and academically? If so, then it's all good! I love your blog, Mrs. Brooke and the joy I see reflected here = ). HUGS!!

  7. Your September sort of sounds like mine, except James was sick most of it, so didn't get started until this week. Like the rest said, don't worry and just do the best you can.

  8. I have homeschooled for about 13 years now, and I agree with what the other moms have said here. You WILL eventually teach your kids everything they need to know if you allow God to lead and direct your homeschool. The most important thing right now is to teach your kids to obey (the most important "homeschooling skill")and to teach them to love school, love the Lord, and love spending time with you.

    I came across your blog and want to say that it looks beautiful and I enjoyed my visit!




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