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A Day in the Life:
Thursday, September 16, 2010

(I know, I'm really late in posting this; but we went out of town for two weeks and, as some of you noticed, my posting went down to almost zero during that time.  However, I'm getting back to my regular routine and have found time to type this up.)

The thing I was looking for when setting up this "Day in the Life" series of posts was to really get an accurate snapshot of our lives, which is why I set them up to re-occur at regular intervals (101 days), instead of when it was convenient.  Unfortunately (for my "I love order" self), those days can fall on days where everything is completely chaotic because, well, life tends to be chaotic.  The following was such a day, because we were leaving the next morning to drive up to Seattle and live at my granny's house for two weeks while Michael fulfilled some work obligations at their Seattle office.

Bluebird: 6 years, Penguin: 4 years, Junebug: 2 years, Monkeyboy: 5 months
1:10 AM:  I wake up because I "need" to feed Monkeyboy.  (One of the uncomfortable truths of breastfeeding.)  Unfortunately, Monkeyboy has decided to sleep through this feeding.  I try to go back to sleep, which is difficult with engorged mammaries.

4:07 AM:  Oh thank goodness, Monkeyboy starts waking up!  I yank him out of his bassinet and settle him in to eat and I breathe a sigh of relief.  I switch on some Nick at Nite and cringe to realize that "Home Improvement" is on...I watched that as a child, come on!  While I'm deeply stewing over the fact that I might actually be getting old, I experience a surge of adrenaline when something moves under the blankets in my bed.  It's Penguin.

4:44 AM:  I wrap Monkeyboy up and lay him down to go back to sleep, turn off my alarm clock because I'm starting to feel kind of yucky and then go out into the kitchen to wander about while waiting for Monkeyboy to truly fall back asleep.  Out of curiosity, I take down the calendar to figure out what the date for the next installment of "Day in the Life" will be and groan when I calculate it to be December 26th.  So much for another shot at capturing a "normal" day for us.

4:50 AM:  Monkeyboy is out.  I climb back into my bed, cover up Penguin with a blanket and then roll over to get some shut-eye.

6:52 AM:  I roll out of bed as quietly as possible so I can sneak in a shower before anyone else wakes up.

7:32 AM:  I am ready for the day.  I stop Michael from leaving for work in order to talk about our "feeding the family" strategy for the car trip up to Seattle.

7:44 AM:  Junebug wakes up in her usual grumpy state.  Really, if she wasn't so darn cute, some days I would just send her back.

7:48 AM:  Michael heads on out to work.

7:55 AM:  Monkeyboy starts to stir.  I'm working on making some toast for Junebug, so I leave him alone.

8:00 AM:  Yeah, he's not going to wait any longer.  Time to spend some time on the couch with my Monkeyboy.

8:30 AM:  I finish feeding Monkeyboy while listening to Junebug sing through eating her toast.  Good times, good times.  I change his diaper and then start making the rounds to wake up Bluebird and Penguin.

8:38 AM:  I've dragged them all out of bed and start walking them through the process of getting dressed, making their beds and brushing their hair while simultaneously monitoring a mass production of toast in the kitchen.

8:58 AM:  Bluebird and Penguin sit down to eat a lot of toast.  Monkeyboy starts getting grumpy.

9:00 AM:  I sit down on the couch again to feed Monkeyboy.

9:17 AM:  I wrap Monkeyboy up and put him down for a nap and then go make some toast for myself.  I eat it in front of the computer while updating the little photos of the family in the blog's sidebar.

10:50 AM:  I am shaken from my computer-induced fog when Penguin gallops by with the most unruly head of hair.  I glance up at the clock, am shocked by how much time has passed and then bolt out of my chair to herd Penguin into the bathroom to tackle her hair.

11:00 AM:  I wake up Monkeyboy from his nap and sit down to feed him, but he's so not interested in food.  Weird.  Oh well, saves me some time.  I yell out that we're going to the homeschool store and for everyone to get their shoes on.  There's a mad scramble downstairs for shoes while I buckle Monkeyboy into his carrier and I am then subjected to repeated requests for help with tying shoelaces and fastening sandal straps.  It takes about fifteen minutes to get everyone ready and strapped into their carseats before we leave the driveway.  We head off to LDFR to buy some activities and books for the girls to enjoy on the fourteen hour drive to Seattle.

12:10  PM:  We arrive home.  I check the mail on the way and allow Bluebird and Penguin the "big girl" freedom of walking home from the mailbox by themselves.  (The mailboxes are about three doors down from our house.)  Junebug gets to switch out of her toddler "harness" carseat and ride the three doors' worth of street home in one of her sisters' booster seats.  It is enormously amusing to me to see how huge these small feats of independence are to them.

12:20 PM:  All inside the house, time to start making lunch, which, I just can't remember anymore at the time of writing this up.

12:30 PM:  We sit down for lunch.  Must not have been too terribly memorable to begin with if it only took me ten minutes to get it together.

12:35 PM:  I try to write some birthday cards while I eat so I can have them on me as we travel and I can mail them at the right time.  Monkeyboy isn't liking it.  He makes his disapproval known.  I abandon my lunch so I can feed him.

12:55 PM:  I wrestle Junebug down for a nap and tuck in Monkeyboy.  Bluebird and Penguin go to their respective "quiet time" stations--no school today, so they can indulge in some electronics...Penguin goes with computer games and Bluebird chooses quality time with the Netflix Instant Queue.

1:40 PM:  I steal a couple of winks for myself.

2:42 PM:  I wake up and start gathering the necessaries to do some laundry and discover that Junebug snuck out of her bed and is now quietly watching TV with Bluebird on the couch.  I weigh the consequences of punishing her for this behavior and go with a "Hey, you're supposed to be in bed, get a move on."  She pushes out her lower lip, but gets up and drags her blankie behind her as she returns to her bed.

2:55 PM:  My day is so totally shot.  I should be packed by now, ready to load up the van when Michael gets home and I'm only just starting on the laudnry.  I decide to just write down all the things I need to do so I can focus on one thing at a time...I get bogged down horrendously when I have a lot of things to do outside of my normal routine.

...and the second page with my notes on it has magically disappeared between when I wrote it and this three weeks later write-up.  All I can remember is that I did lots and lots of laundry and folded a lot of clothes and packed two suitcases, a duffel bag, three laundry baskets and a plethora of various bags, which Michael artfully arranged in the van.  We finished around 10:30 PM and then went to sleep to get ready for our 5 AM wake-up call. 

Although, as I searched through the photos from the day, I was reminded that we had a spirited discussion about Junebugs while eating dinner.  Neither Michael nor myself really knew what they were, so the discussion ended in the living room, where everyone gathered 'round to find out what Junebugs actually looked like:

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  1. I kind of love these posts. I may have to steal/copy/make it my own at some point.
    Also--you were in Seattle for two weeks? And you didn't say so? We should have gotten together!


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