Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Penguin!

My sweet girl is officially four years old, joining the ranks of big kids who are no longer required to take naps and beginning preschool work this next school year.

She spent a fun day with Dad and her sisters up in Salt Lake City, playing in the Gateway water fountain, riding TRAX, and seeing the penguin exhibit at The Living Planet Aquarium. I stayed home in order to give Monkeyboy a chance to take his naps and also to decorate the dining room, make cupcakes and wrap presents.

With her sisters right before the commencement of her party:

Baby brother, looking on at his crazy sisters as they posed for the above photograph:

Getting ready to blow out her birthday candle:

Excited about Monkeyboy's gift to her--101 Cookie Cutters:

Bluebird gave her a kids' baking cookbook. (Penguin is my go-to for helping in the kitchen. She loves to don her apron and measure ingredients and crack eggs. I figure it's a great interest to encourage!)
*sigh* They just keep growing up, it doesn't slow down at all. I just keep thinking back to the day when we brought her home from the hospital and how she was such a huge deal in turning us into a "multiple kid" family. Now she's my big helper in taking care of her baby brother, she's waking up in the morning to help me cook breakfast and we're spending a little time each day working on phonics. She's getting so big, so fast. My sweet little Penguin Girl. Don't grow up too fast...

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