Friday, July 23, 2010

Innocence of Childhood

Bluebird finished drawing a picture and enthusiastically raised it in the air and announced, "Look at this picture that I drew of a turd!" She followed her announcement with giddy laughter.

Obviously, this caught my attention.

I responded with, "Honey, don't draw pictures of turds, it's kind of gross."

The confused look on her face alerted me to the possibility that she hadn't drawn an actual turd, so I explained that turd was another word for poop. Her eyes opened wide and she said, " picture is of a brand new animal I came up with--a turtle crossed with a bird, which I decided to call a Turd."

I roared with laughter.

And then I suggested she call her animal creation a Birdle.


  1. ?! Oh I miss her. Give her hug for me:).
    Birdle is an infinitely better name:)

  2. That is far too funny! :D


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