Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just haven't felt very bloggy lately. My jaw still hurts like crazy, although I did get to go see the TMD specialist and I think he'll be a good thing--as soon as I can amass the necessary funds to pay him in full upfront. Gah. Something is very wrong with a system that won't cover TMD under insurance and the people who will treat it won't help you until you give them their money first. So my jaw is still locked (or "sprained" as the specialist refers to it), and I'm getting mighty sick of liquid or very flat foods. When I get this joint unlocked, I'm going to drive like Cruella DeVille down to McDonald's and order me a Big Mac.

Bluebird still loves Kindergarten, although she's a little annoyed that she has to be there at a specific time every. single. day. We still do our regular homeschooling activities like always, every morning--she's just now out of the house during naptime, which I figured was healthy for her. Better than zoning out in front of the computer while I fold laundry and her sisters sleep.

I succumbed to the first "everyone has one" plea. Apparently, for the elementary crowd, the coolest thing right now are these water-filled balls that have a smattering of glitter in them that swirls and looks very pretty when you roll them. I let Bluebird buy one after watching her play with a friend's glitter ball the first day of school. And, of course, when Rabbit and Little Lamb saw that Big Sister was getting a toy, they each wanted one as well, and...I like buying things for them. Three glitter balls on the floor in our house--watch where you step.

I have discovered the TV show "The Big Bang Theory" and I love it. I laugh so hard each time I watch an episode. It's just another one of your typical guy-tries-to-"get"-with-girl sitcoms, but with freakishly smart people and it's hilarious.

I cannot find circular chocolate wafer cookies. Until I do, I cannot make penguin cupcakes.

My husband's stepfather has been very sick (ICU-type stuff) and it's been stressful waiting for the updates and feeling bad about not visiting (can't risk passing on germs).

I need zucchini recipes. The garden overfloweth.

I always overdo dried herbs in recipes.

We have three pumpkins growing in our garden.

The Rainbows won their last game 2 or 3-0. The other team scored a goal on
themselves, so we're not sure whether to claim that point or not. :)

Little Lamb can now say Bluebird's real name, "Poop," "I want that," and "Penguin." It's amazing what you get excited about sometimes as a mother.

Rabbit spends a lot of her time trying to convince me that she really is an honest-to-goodness penguin. Some days she'll only talk in squawks. And some days she'll only want to eat (Swedish) fish.


  1. I like the Big Bang Theory too. They are very nerdy but it is funny!

    Hopefull you will get fixed up soon but don't go too overboard with the big mac! :)

    That is funny that little rabbit thinks she is a penguin! so cute!

  2. i love stream-of-consciousness. also, hate to break it to you but oreos are chocolate wafer cookies that are round.

    just sayin'

  3. Yeah, I know, but Oreos aren't big enough. Apparently there are some wafers that are larger circumference and I'm looking for those.

  4. Chocolate wafers: try someplace that has bulk candy. They have wafers a lot of the time too.

    Zucchini: I always wanted to try that Zucchini Fritter recipe in the Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone book. Also Zucchini bread, grilled zucchini with olive oil, pepper, and parmesan... also, zucchini sauteed with a little soy sauce is WONDERFUL.

    Sorry about Michael's step-father. I hope he's better soon. And don't feel bad-- no one expects you to bring three little girls into an ICU. Or at least they shouldn't.

    As to the jaw: I feel your pain, dearie.


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