Friday, September 4, 2009

Here's a Laugh for Ya

Apparently the designer was dipping a little too much into the bubbly while designing this monstrosity:

Champagne Fizz Hat

Just in case your long weekend is a little low on humor. Gah. Perhaps I should get into designing, I KNOW I could make something that awful and it'd be nice to get paid for my efforts.

Oh dear, I can only imagine the model at the photo shoot:

Model: "So what's my motivation here? What am I channelling?"

Photographer: "You're a black hole, sucking in all the planets that surround you, absorbing all matter from the corner of your universe."


  1. Ok, wanna laugh even more? This is obviously a knock off of this season's MUST HAVE from Diane Von Furstenberg. Yeah - check em out:

    Of course, if you actually wore any of those outfits - would te hat really look that out of place?scary. ;-)

  2. ?!?!
    Alternate motivation: You are the ultimate ball of static, walking through a pom pom factory...

  3. so i have had a rought day today- sick family, and i was tired and feeling a bit down- and then i clicked on that link. and i just have to say THANK YOU! you brightened up my whole night! i laughed out loud and hard. it was just what i needed. thank you again. :)

  4. The model looks like she's trying not to laugh.


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