Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesiree, the Brooke household will experience a growth in numbers come April.

I am monstrously sick and incapable of getting anything done.

THIS is why I sent Bluebird to Kindergarten. It's been one of my loopholes from the beginning.

Bluebird has prayed for both a boy and girl and has picked out names for both: If it's a girl--Mrs. Peanut Butter Cup; if it's a boy--Babu. She also announced our good news on the school bus yesterday.

Rabbit thinks we should name it "Penguin," no matter what the gender is.

Mr. Brooke really wants it to be a boy. But is happy if it is another girl. I think we are biologically incapable of creating male children, and I've already had "the" dream telling me it was a girl.

We're not going to find out what it is. What's the point? I think it's safer to find out in the moment because there's a little bit riding on it--better to find out it's a girl in the miraculous moment of birth (and skip any disappointment on some people's part) than four months beforehand when there's lots of time to be slightly deflated about it.

So, hooray...although I am definitely picking up on a "It's your fourth kid...big deal" vibe from various persons and it's bumming me out. All babies are exciting, no matter how many you've had previously. I might just throw me a baby shower to prove my point. Who wants to come? :)

Oh, yes...all non-baby knitting will probably go into hibernation for the next while.


  1. Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you.

  2. CONGRATS! I am SO happy for you! Any baby, boy or girl, will be lucky to join your family :)

  3. Congrats! I was wondering if you were...I caught the little hints here and there or at least read into it. I love that you have four kids. Boo to anyone who thinks otherwise.

  4. Stupid "so what" people! Babies are babies, no matter what number they are. I'd come to your baby shower if I could:)

  5. That's exciting! Congratulations. And, I agree, boy or girl, it will be great. Buy a few boy outfits and keep the tags on, just in case, or he'll have to wear pink until you can get to the store.:)

  6. Yippee! So fun and exciting for you and your family. I hope that the sickness rolls over quickly and that all goes well for you. :)

  7. Hey, let's throw each other one! I'm also on my 4th (bio) baby and I totally agree! Though I can't wait to find out the gender because with FOUR girls and one poor little boy I need to emotionally prepare myself. :)

  8. *boy vibes* comin' your way! Congrats!

  9. :) congrats. and you know now, that the blog name for this baby is going to have to be Penguin! ;) hooray!

    (can i say "better you than me"? if not, take this part out, but know that i'm psyched for you!)

  10. let's do a baby shower! I'll do it for you!


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