Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stupid Jaw

In my attempt to wake up this morning, I yawned. As a result, my jawbone slipped out of its socket. It hurt a lot.

I went to see our family doctor and he can't do anything except give me a referral to a TMJ specialist, whose next appointment opening isn't until Monday.

Four days of pain, yippee.

No cheering at the next soccer game. :(

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Soccer Game

Bluebird had her first soccer game this evening, and was very excited about it!

Her team's name is the Rainbows, so she and I made some matching hair ribbons for the team. We handed them out at our last practice. They were a big hit.

Pictures of your favorite soccer gal:

Pictures of the spectators:

After-game pics:

Final Score: Rainbows 1 - Angels 1

Guess Some Things Will Have to Change Around Here

...since I guess I'm not technically homeschooling anymore. I did indeed enroll her in Kindergarten this morning and she was so excited about it!

We toured her classroom and found where to put her things and where she got to sit and she sat down and started coloring the crown that was waiting at her spot. I stood and watched her a moment before she stopped coloring and turned to me and said, "OK Mom, you can leave now." That threw me a bit, so I asked if I could take her picture before I left and she shrugged and said, "Sure."

So I snapped a couple shots of her; and then she turned back to her coloring, absentmindedly waved her other hand at me and said, "Yep, see you later."

I did not cry, but I did phone Mr. Brooke on my way home and reminisced about the itty bitty baby she used to be and how she's gotten so big. Rabbit was heartbroken when I came home without her sister.

I even let Bluebird ride the bus home. (I mean, after walking her to the bus, telling the bus driver that it was Bluebird's first day and that I'd be waiting at her stop, and then driving fast to get home ahead of the bus so I could be waiting at the bus stop...) Bluebird hopped off of the bus (lovingly shepherded by a couple of girls from the neighborhood that took her under their wings) and exclaimed, "This is the best day EVER!"

Ugh, it's just all so weird; not at all what I planned! But it's good.

On the Fence

This morning marks the first day of Kindergarten for our school district, and I'm thinking about it.

I have a few situations that I've always said if they happened that I would put my children in school. One of those situations is unfolding at this point in time. (Nothing bad, don't worry.)

Ugh. Decisions.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Easily Distracted

Obviously, I like to make stuff for people I like. While I was in Seattle, I asked my dad to please give me an idea of something I could make for him because I've been driving myself crazy for the past four years trying to think up something he would actually like. I listed the things I was capable of creating, to which he thought about and dismissed. Desperate, I threw out "Aprons!" He paused, thought about it and then said, "Yeah! I could use an apron when I BarBQ." Relieved, I walked him through the specifics--colors, fabric weights, etc.

I decided to go purchase the needed fabric this last Saturday morning, and arrived bright and early with the family at the fabric store. Mr. Brooke took the girls to wander about while I selected fabric and I later found them looking at patterns.

For Halloween costumes.

Good news: I have everything I need to make their Halloween costumes.

Bad news: I have no clue where I put the bolts of fabric for my dad's apron. Looks like I'll have to make another trip.

But not until the costumes are done.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bluebird does not want to go to bed tonight. She's been fake crying since we turned off the lights; and, finally, got quiet. A minute later she came out and asked for a drink of water, which Mr. Brooke allowed her to get.

As he ushered her back into her room, she started up with the fake crying again.

Mr. Brooke got her situated in her bed, closed the door to the bedroom and then remarked, "I shouldn't have let her have water, I just re-filled her tear ducts."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seattle 2009: Space Needle and Pacific Science Center

I promised Bluebird that this time we would finally go to the Space Needle. We've tried to fit it in on previous trips to the PNW, but without success. I was determined to make good on my promise, and the day before we left we headed on out to finally take a look at that elusive Space Needle:

Me and my girls at the top of the Space Needle:

My granny came with us, which turned out to be a wonderful help, as Seattle seems to be rather against the use of strollers and I was required to shepherd three children that could run wild and free:

Rabbit had to look through each and every "tewescope":

Little Lamb taking in the view:

Then, we headed over to the Pacific Science Center; where we met up with Denise and her crew (of whom I have no pictures, which saddens me slightly). The girls really enjoyed the small part of the place that we saw, as we had to leave much too early due to a major need for naps.

Rabbit, of course, enjoyed the water stuff:

And touching sea creatures in the tide pool:

Little Lamb was a fan of the play area for toddlers:

Bluebird spent a lot of time in the music room:

They spent a fair amount of time just playing in the water:

Then we went to see the Butterfly Exhibit:

I don't know the names of any of them at the moment; but, if I get the notion to find out, I'll let you know as well.

Bluebird has been satisfied. She has finally been to the Space Needle. Her next goal is to see a geyser.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Seattle 2009: Rabbit's Birthday

Rabbit celebrated her third birthday while we were in Seattle, so we spent the entire day wrapped up in the world of penguins--first, a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo to see the new penguin exhibit (we were there for five hours and STILL didn't see everything!) and then a fun-filled penguin birthday party at my granny's house.

Here's the birthday girl, waiting for the others to arrive at the zoo. She was very excited:

We found a rock outside of the zoo that was great for jumping off of:

Happy Little Lamb:

My dad and his sister "discussing" which direction we should go:

The reason for the visit:

Rabbit watching the penguins:

Mr. Brooke & Rabbit feeding a cockatiel:

Bluebird with a green bird:

Little Lamb wasn't a big fan of the birds in close proximity:

Bluebird watching the river otters:

Little Lamb and Aunt Sandra:

Little Lamb looking at the Bald Eagles:

Who dad and my aunt are always laughing about something:

Time to Party!

She LOVED her penguin cake:

As did Little Lamb:

Then we sat down to open presents and my dad thought it was funny to throw his feet into the pictures, and I stopped taking pictures because I figured it was a lost cause.
Three years old. I remember when Bluebird turned three and I thought it was just wrong that she should be that old. Not so with Rabbit--she's ready to be three, ready to do "pweeschole", and proud to finally be a big girl and no longer a toddler.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


In the past week I've managed to contract a nasty cold, have a severe allergic reaction to all the blasted sage brush that grows in Idaho and now, as of last night, get the flu. It has not been a healthy week, to say the least.

I pushed through the cold and the allergies and still made the drive home from Seattle and did our back-to-school shopping, but the flu is another story and I am firmly established in my bed, with no intentions of wandering far from it today. I'm hoping for a miraculously speedy recovery because I want to start school tomorrow, but I'm trying out that whole "realistic outlook" approach and admitting that it's not likely and even if I did recover that quickly, that I should probably do a little resting tomorrow as well.

This is incredibly disappointing to me; but, when looked at from a "What will I think about this in five years?" point of view, I realize that it's a very minor hiccup that really doesn't matter much.

Having the flu does give one the opportunity to catch up on one's favorite knitting blogs, which I have enjoyed. I also finished a scarf last night before the commencement of all the flu-fun. I'm hesitant to really touch any other projects with my potentially pathogen-carrying digits, so there will be little-to-no progress made on any other projects while I'm down. (The irony of being able to sit in bed all day and NOT knit is always so frustrating to me!)

On to Stage Two of bedrest: Browsing through Ravelry.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Excited...Can't Sit Still

I have so many other pictures to share from our trip--we went to the zoo, had a birthday party for Rabbit, went to the Space Needle and Pacific Science Center.

However, SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY! And I cannot sit here at the computer long enough to upload photos because I'm too excited and keep finding things to do to get ready for our first day!

We've gone school supplies shopping and bought some Back-to-School clothes, just like if we were going to send Bluebird off to public school. We stocked up on "lunch stuff" so I can pack her a lunch when she wants it because the idea of a lunch box is important to her.

And then we'll start with teaching all these great and fun things on Monday! I think Mr. Brooke is excited about us studying the Romans this year; I've started noticing more and more that he's quite interested in any shows or books we see about them. And we're going to go on nature hikes and dig up rocks and make a volcano and weave cloth and do chinese brush painting and, and, and...

I was sent to earth to be a teacher. My glorious season in the sun is about to begin (again)...hurray!

Friday, August 14, 2009

LDS Ring Ceremonies

In response to koprime's question on the reception post.

Us Mormon folk get married in temples. Temples are very, very, very sacred spaces. We literally consider them to be God's House; and, just as in the temples of old, only those who can abide by His commandments and entry requirements can enter.

We believe that marriages that are sealed by the Holy Spirit by an ordained priesthood holder in the temple last for eternity. There's no "until death do you part" in temple marriages, they're in effect after you die as well. Being "sealed" in the temple also binds any children that the union creates to you for all eternity. Covenants that one makes in the temple prepares that person for eventual exaltation and the privilege of living in the presence of God.

Just as in the temples of old, one cannot enter a temple unless they are a member of that faith. Herein lies the big problem for "part-member" families. Yes, you can get married outside the temple and then sealed later--but you have to wait an entire year between the two, so couples generally choose to start their marriage off on an eternal foot.

Exchanging of rings is not part of the sealing ceremony, so we have "ring ceremonies" that everyone, LDS or not, can witness and participate in. Church leaders advise against lavish ring ceremonies because it tends to detract from the prime importance of the temple ceremony, so when Mr. Brooke and I got married we had a very small and short ring ceremony with no decorations or anything. I didn't even have bridesmaids or anything like that.

Now, having experienced both the minimalist ring ceremony and the large ring ceremony, I would have to say that I preferred the large ring ceremony. There are no vows spoken, but it gives the side of the family that cannot witness the temple ceremony SOMETHING to participate in, SOMETHING to see. People are still fuming about my temple marriage (which I realize is their problem and not mine), and I think that some of those hard feelings could have been somewhat softened if we'd have just given them a flippin' bone. (And really, growing up with visions of an extravagantly traditional wedding myself...I think a bigger ring ceremony may be nice for some of us who converted to the faith and had to drastically re-adjust our wedding plans!) :)

Does that answer the question? I hope so. If not, let me know.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seattle 2009: Bobby & Rachel's Wedding Reception

Sandra talking to her boy before the ring ceremony

My cousin Ashley, who graduates high school this next year:

My cousin Amber, recipient of the best apron I've ever made:

The happy couple:

Another happy couple:

Happy couple plus one offspring:

Rabbit and Amber:

Me and my Dad:

My dad and Rabbit:

Rabbit spent a lot of time on the dance floor:

Bobby & Rachel cutting the cake:

Rabbit happily indulging in the cake:

No pictures from the temple portion of the wedding, as Mr. Brooke and I had to motor out of there to pick up the girls from Denise, who so very kindly watched them during the ceremony.

My family is very low on the number of people who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so I was interested to see how it was handled with this wedding. I really liked the idea of the bigger ring ceremony; it really seemed to smooth over a lot of ruffled feathers and allowed those who couldn't view the temple ceremony to have a chance to participate. Mr. Brooke and I opted to not have a big ring ceremony at our wedding (so long ago...), but I think I will go with the bigger ring ceremony when my own children get married.

I cannot believe my little cousin Bobby is a married man. He and his wife will head back to BYU-Idaho in January. I think I've officially entered the realm of "getting old." Oh well, that's what we're here to do, right? :)