Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekly Report: May 11-16, 2009

Why is it, that when I get to the end of a week, I cannot specifically remember anything about it? When does that start happening to a person? :)

Alright, let me prod my brain a bit here and see what I can remember about this week:

Math: Still plugging along. We're learning about nickels and counting by fives, playing with tangrams and comparing lengths.

Reading: I read out loud to them a lot this week. I love it that they prefer the non-fiction section of the library to the picture book section. We read a beautiful book about butterflies, and selections from a book that had the folk tales believed to be the inspiration for various Shakespeare plays. Bluebird worked more on Phonics and it's very apparent that she hasn't quite mastered the idea of phonics and is mostly reading words through context in her books. It will come, eventually. Practice, practice, practice!

Writing: Pigs flew. Bluebird started doing her writing workbook again. She is going write a book if it kills her. Ha ha.

Music: I've been "teaching" Bluebird how to hold her violin bow and violin correctly. She's not a big fan of having to do it a certain way. When it came time for strings class, she opted to play with the other little kids instead. We had a little chat later in the day in which I informed her that if she wants to keep her violin, she needs to practice every day and go to strings class each week. If she does not do this for two weeks in a row, then the violin will go back to the store. She has agreed to the terms, so we'll see what happens. Rabbit has been blasting away on her recorder, and hates it when I run it through its scales--"It's too loud!" she whines, covering her ears and running away.

Nature Study: We went on a hike this week as a result of my decision to participate in the Handbook of Nature Study's Outdoor Challenges. It was a lot of fun and we're all looking forward to next week's "Hiking Adventure." A picture from our post was also chosen as "The Outdoor Photo of the Week" and can be seen on the sidebar of the Handbook of Nature Study blog.

Science: Nothing to really report this week, but I'm thinking about changing my plans for next year's science. I was originally planning to study animals, the human body, and plants ala the suggestions in The Well-Trained Mind for first grade science, but Bluebird has repeatedly asked to study space for science...and isn't that one of the reasons I'm choosing to homeschool--to go along with their interests? I'm also planning to take Bluebird to BYU's Astrofest later today, just the two of us.

Mr. Brooke and I were discussing what things were important in our homeschool; what things we wanted to emphasize and whatnot. I lean towards emphasizing literature, history, foreign languages, music and art. Mr. Brooke wants us to emphasize math and science. I guess the girls will be getting a very well-rounded education.

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