Monday, May 4, 2009

Internet Child Identity Protection AND, oddly enough, A CONTEST!

I'm going to be going through my posts and changing the girls' names to nicknames in order to afford us a little more protection as a family. It used to annoy me greatly to read others' blogs when they would use aliases for their children, but I'm starting to feel that it's a wise thing to do. I apologize upfront to those that this change may irritate, but...

There was an attempted abduction of a young boy near our home last week and it's just got me a little spooked. Better safe than sorry, right?

I'll start posting again when I get the posts cleaned up. Any guesses as to how long that's gonna take?

Ooh, let's make it a contest! The person who has the closest guess without going over will win a necklace and earring set made by me!

And sorry if old posts come back up in your feeds as I go through them...


  1. I don't think it will take you long at all- maybe 2 days. You seem to be very efficient!!!

  2. So, I didn't hear about the attempted abduction. Where was it? What happened?

  3. I am going for 4 days. (I like silver and touquoise colors and small earrings...hee hee)
    I like the nicknames too! They could also double as their secret service code names.

  4. I'm betting 2 weeks-- 'cause it would take me at least twice that:)


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