Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Idea: Weekly Reports

I was perusing some homeschoolers' blogs and noticed that a number of them post a weekly report on their homeschooling adventures, and I think it's a good (and fun) idea!

(Can I just remark that visitors to my blog have sharply declined ever since I shifted the focus from mostly homemaking to mostly homeschooling? Hmmm. Oh well, it's my blog and I'll write what I want to write about.)

Anyhow...on with the Weekly Report!

Math: We did four lessons this week. All on the same day. Bluebird is always pleading "Let's do the next lesson...", so I just let her keep going on Tuesday and she kept going and going until I suggested that we stop. Then I had that silly notion that we'd done enough math that week. Hee hee.

Reading: She's up to 15 books read all by herself. I located the easy readers at the library this week and checked out five. She found them that evening and read them all. Guess I'll need to check out more next time around. We went over the "ck" rule and she grasped it easily. Rabbit checked out five books about animals this week and listened with rapt attention when I read her the one about Beluga Whales, which is a big deal because she NEVER sits still. Every time she catches sight of the Beluga book she exclaims "Dat's my favoh-whit!"
While at the library this week, I asked one of the children's librarians if they had any lists or hand-outs of reading suggestions for ancient history. She said they didn't, but then proceeded to show me where all the stuff that dealt with those subjects could be found; I had done some hunting before and knew about most of them, but she did introduce me to the children's mythology section, which I hadn't noticed before. Yay!

Writing: Ha ha, writing. Bluebird hates writing and insists that she only needs to know how to write her name. We're taking a break for a bit because I'm tired of fighting over it with her. A couple more weeks and we'll get back to it. She wants to "write" a book and I've said that I will not write it for her, so she sometimes indicates interest in learning how to write after we get on that matter.

Music Appreciation: I remembered to do it! We played with Moon Sand while we listened to the second half of Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty." The first half of the ballet has much catchier music than the second. I signed up to participate in our homeschool group's strings class, so we went to a music store this week to rent me a violin and I had fun pointing out the different instruments on display and was pleasantly surprised that both Bluebird and Rabbit knew a fair amount of them by sight. Bluebird wanted to rent a (non-existent) harp and Rabbit really, really wanted to take home a trumpet. (Little Lamb was content with trying to rip sheet music.) I was tempted to forget all our goals about getting out of debt and just buy a piano on credit.

Life: We spent a lot of time out in the glorious sunshine that we received this week, especially since I knew that the next week would consist of dreadfully rainy days. We played in the sprinkler, went to the reservoir park and had lunch there, and when we went to the library we also had lunch and played in the park that day as well. We spent a wonderful amount of time outside and just had fun with the new spring weather. It felt refreshing to the soul. At some point I told Bluebird that I couldn't wait to do school outside and her face lit up and she said she thought that would be fun. I sure would like to put up a swing set in our backyard and other things that would make outside more feasible. (How much fun would it be to say, "Why don't we do school on the trampoline today?) :)

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  1. Hi! I'm here reading, I just never comment. I know you from LDFR and I just noticed tonight that you're posting on the WTM boards now and replied to my Who's in Utah post. So hi!

    Anyway, what a great weekly report! We've been into whales here lately too. I love writing weekly reports and reading them. I guess I'm just fascinated by how other people homeschool. So I look forward to reading more, even if everyone else is more interested in your homemaking!



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