Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heart Cookies

We had made up the cookie dough needed for Bluebird's birthday party cookies when everyone got sick; and since it's only good for a few days, we decided to go ahead and make heart cookies instead!
We didn't deliver them to anyone out of fear of passing on the myriad of symptoms the family was experiencing.


  1. that picture makes me so happy. i especially like the one in the upper right hand corner with sprinkles all over it.

    happy heart cookies!

  2. I thought the picture would make some people happy...I love valentine-ish pictures and stuff!

    The sprinkles--I read/heard someone say that "paint is meant to be consumed, not conserved" in regards to children's tendencies to "waste" paint. I've taken the consumption approach (ha ha) with other stuff since then, like sprinkles. That cookie would have given me a stroke two years ago.

    Emily was very proud of how many sprinkles she was able to stick to that cookie. I like to think that I helped bolster her self-esteem by NOT wigging out when she unceremoniously dumped the entire jar of sprinkles out on the thing.

  3. I might be proof that she WON'T grow out of the sprinkle obsession!


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