Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures, Part Two: Crown Burger

Annukka's given the go-ahead, so here's more pics from our lunch together:
The girls got to sit at their own table, which is just perfect for excited little princesses!

Mr. C

Miss B & Bluebird

Little Lamb and Uncle Chris (notice that she's NOT crying!)

Baby A, who turns one in a week or so.

Uncle Chris playing peek-a-boo with Rabbit, which she loved.

Little Lamb likes noses.

And Bluebird and Miss B decided to play Ring Around the Rosie in the aisle (the other customers just loved us!)

*sigh* If only we lived closer to each other, I'm sure they would gladly be best buds. :)

Miss B's one of the friendliest girls you're ever going to meet! I love this shot of her.

And then Rabbit fell off her chair (I may or may not have had part in helping that to happen...) and we decided it was time to pack it up and get out of there so everyone could continue on their journeys. It was a fun and auspicious start to our trip.


  1. I love road trips! Congrats on making it there and back with 3 little ones. I know you're usually behind the camera, but make sure to post pics of beautiful you if you have some! I am soo jealous you got to spend Thanksgiving at "home."

  2. Ditto on the jealous thing!!! I miss "home"!!!!


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