Friday, December 12, 2008


I got my allergy tests done today. On my back. Fifty seven pokes. *sniffle*

Three were control pokes, so they were supposed to flare up. (And boy, did they ever!) And then I had twelve others flare up as well. (The biggest one was almost an inch big! Now that's being allergic to something! Stupid "Common Sagebrush.") No wonder I'm always on the verge of an allergic reaction--between four trees, seven weeds and dust mites, I'm always breathing in something that turns my body into an immuno-war zone.

My options for treatment are medication (which makes me feel worse) or allergy shots (um, ow).

Anybody out there done the allergy shot thing? I'd like to hear about it. (Please!)


  1. Ouch!

    The more medication I take in general, the more suspicious I am becoming of side effects. I think they're worse than the symptoms half the time.

    I decided that if my arthritis flares up again, I'd rather deal with the pain and the damage it does to my knee than take any more painkillers.

  2. I did the allergy shots for about a year and it did WONDERS for me, especially when I was living in Utah where I seemed to be allergic to everything native to the state.
    My brother, who has serious asthma also did them for a few years and had great success.

  3. I've been thinking about getting the shots as well because the meds that don't make me sleepy like Claratin and Zyrtec, etc, don't work and the ones that work, like Benydrel, put me in a coma. So let me know how the shots work out if you get them.


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