Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow Day!

The world is white this morning. The first real snow has arrived!

Now, the adult in me immediately starts thinking,
"Ugh, ice, cold, wet...what am I going to do with these kids indoors all day?!?!"

And the enthusiastic child within me tries to wriggle past that pessimistic adult and jumps into the air with its upstretched arms, trying to grab my attention with, "Can we please go outside and play?"

Normally, I listen to the adult.

But this morning, I stopped for a moment and thought about the two opposing viewpoints. I can either go through life seeing naturally occuring events as things that are trying to destroy my way of life, or I can simply embrace them and decide to enjoy them. I'm going with the latter today.

Snow presents its own particular problems though--my household is hardly prepared to withstand the temperatures. I used to belittle myself for thinking how cold it is here, when it's incredibly warmer here than it was in my Canadian childhood, where school was only cancelled if the temperature dropped to the point where the buses couldn't run and playing outside made the snot freeze inside my nostrils. But then I realized one day that the difference between enjoying snow is all about snow clothing. In Canada, I had it all; in Utah, I have only a wool dress coat. I don't even own boots. No wonder I think it's crazy cold here!

This has to stop. I live in a place where it snows. Every year. For a long time. I am going to make a withdrawal from our savings account and today, we're going shopping and we're going to get outfitted for the snow. We're going to enjoy this God-given wonderland. And I'm going to take Bluebird skiing this year too. And we're going to learn how to ice skate. Embrace the snow!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go wake up a four year old and a two year old and tell them that it's SNOWING!!!

(They were very excited about it. Bluebird is now convinced that Christmas will be here soon.)


  1. cute! though my first thought, too, was, "oh man i'm glad i don't live slash am not moving to a place where it snows before my birthday"... the picture of your girls is just stinkin' adorable!

    also i like your disclaimer, but would you consider not allowing anonymous comments? just an idea...

  2. Enjoy your snow! I'll try not to be too jealous. ;)

  3. Amen sister. Snow clothes DO make all the difference. I reccomend Ross for winter coats for kids--cheap, and quality. Love it.
    I LOVE the picture of the girls looking out the window. So classic.

  4. Good for you! Seize the day!

  5. How cool. Only snowed once in the 10 years I have lived where I am now. I am hoping to take the kids to the snow this year.

    Glad you didn't quit bloggin'!


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