Monday, November 17, 2008

Reconstituted Milk

On Saturday, Mr. Brooke mixed up some milk for Bluebird and gave it to her, which sparked the following conversation:

Bluebird: "This milk needs to be stirred more."

Mr. Brooke: "Oh...alright." [He then stirred it some more in order to dilute more of the milk powder.]

Bluebird: [Takes a sip] "I think we need to pour this in the sink and get me a glass of water."

So there you go, how to get your children to drink more water--serve them reconstituted milk.

(Rabbit downs the stuff once I put a little chocolate syrup in it. I've also found that reconstituted milk is far more palatable if you mix in a little vanilla flavoring.)

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  1. My mom swears by making it the day before with very hot water, then chilling overnight. I still don't like it, but having it cold does help me. I think chocolate syrup is an even better idea. :)


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