Monday, November 3, 2008


I can just stick it to the people who don't like me and continue blogging along publicly, showing the world that Mormons are normal folks with fully-functioning brains and decision-making capabilities, and that full-time homemaking isn't a life sentence of monotonous tasks and zero intellectual stimulation.

Comments will be moderated from now on, and if you're seeking to offend me...I've got friends in cyberspace as well. Ha ha.

Man, that feels good. I refuse to bow down anymore to angry and miserable people who are intent upon bringing everyone else down to their mucky level.

If only I could muster a Xena battle yell. Yeah, I'm that serious.


  1. That's right, you show them! I would miss you; please don't go. And if people don't like what you say, well, your blog is yours, and you don't have to share their mean comments.

    I think everyone gets rude comments like that sometimes. Just laugh at them, delete, and move on. I think anonymity brings out the worst in some people. They'd never say anything like that in person.

  2. GO XENA!!! glad to have you back- it really isnt the same with out you!

  3. I'm glad you are taking this route with it. Your blog is entertaining and I'm happy that you are not giving it all up!


  4. Very smart, moderate comments! Unfortunately I just installed a "chat box" and apparently you can't moderate those, ugh!

  5. woohoo!! you are back for good! I need something fun to read when I get home from a long day of walking people and doing some things I never thought I would ever be doing (i.e. toileting people...adults).

  6. Good job! So glad to see you back!

  7. Yay! I'm glad you decided not to go away. I've seriously become hooked on your blog, with all your overachieving and creativity. It inspires me to be a better stay at home mom. I even started my own blog, complete with a dinner menu and everything, compliments of your wonderful idea. = )


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