Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Everything In Its Place

I'm married to a manufacturing engineer. His entire purpose of existence in the workplace is to basically organize and streamline the gunk out of everything so you can run your factory/business much more efficiently. I listen to his ideas and philosophies, and sometimes even venture to try them out in our home.

I don't know exactly which efficiency "philosophy" this falls under (Six Sigma? Lean? 5-S? Is 5-S almost the same as Six Sigma, but with one less Sigma?), but I've decided to re-organize our pantry so that it will better serve us homeschool-wise. I'm tired of trying to keep track of fifty million papers, pens, gluesticks and paintbrushes.

Here's what I'm working with now:
Yes, it's true, I'm a complete closet slob. Those empty shelves on the bottom are so NOT usually like that, I had already started cleaning when I thought that this would make for some interesting blogging. The only reason I'm showing you this horrendous mess and horrid testament to my homemaking skills in this particular area is so that you can further appreciate what the future will hold.

The Plan: (click the picture for a more detailed image)
Part of the
"Everything In Its Place" program is to have bins, boxes, masking tape outlines and shelf labeling so that you cannot possibly put something where it isn't supposed to go. No one will be able to say, "I didn't know where it went," because I will have clearly labeled EXACTLY where everything goes. Genius, just genius. *evil cackle of triumph* (And no, I'm not going to start drilling Rabbit on Chinese dynasties at the age of two--the "subject" bins for Rabbit will be filled with activities for her to do while I'm teaching Bluebird whatever particular subject we're working on at that moment.)

When I do stuff like this, Mr. Brooke says that I definitely deserve the job title of "Domestic Engineer."

And yes, I plan to take this plan to other areas of my home as well...stay tuned.

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  1. *sigh*
    i love organization! i cant wait for our house to be completely DONE so that i can have a plan like that for every closet and shelf and nook and cranny. *sigh* i wish..... oh well- next year i guess- then i will have a linen closet and a real office. right? but looks FABULOUS now know i am coveting, dont stand too close or you could feel the lightning striking me! :)


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