Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recipe Review:
Bowties with Spicy Chicken Bits & Broccoli

I figure, what with trying new recipes every week, that I might review some of them for your culinary pleasure. :)

This week's "Try Something New Tuesday" recipe was Bowties with Spicy Chicken Bits & Broccoli from The Joy of Cooking.

Recipe modifications: I didn't add the olives or capers because I didn't buy any. And I hate olives. I also used canned tomato sauce instead of the tomato puree that the recipe called for.

Preparation: Easy. Which says a lot for a Joy recipe. In fact, I picked this recipe to try simply because I was so surprised to see a recipe in that cookbook that said it was quick to make.

First bite: Uh, hello...taste? Pass the salt please.

Second bite: Oh, hey, that's not bad.

Overall impression: Hmmm, not bad at all. And easy to make. Great for leftovers.

Staying in the recipe card file? Yep.

Sidenote: Just a touch too spicy/warm for the kiddos--halve the pepper and I think it would be absolutely fine for them.

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