Thursday, October 9, 2008

Painting Complete!

Conference Saturday is Mr. Brooke's "Project Day." This Conference, he chose to paint the girls' room.
Look at that man work. And look at that eye-searing color. Believe it or not, this orange was a welcomed compromise compared to what the girls choose as their original color.

It's exciting to watch paint dry when it's your room that the paint is drying in.

Drumroll, please...
I like it.

And I forgot to show y'all the bedding when it arrived:
Bluebird and Rabbit's bedding.

Little Lamb's crib bedding.

How unbelievably cute is it that all the bedding matches? I love this room makeover for that fact alone.

Overall, I like the paint color. It's bright and happy and not too obnoxious (when you consider that the room is painted orange).

Next up: The girls are going to paint their own wall art. I'd like to paint the crib white and Mr. Brooke is going to make bunk beds at some point. (The bunk beds might actually wait until Little Lamb moves out of the crib when she's two years old and Bluebird moves into her own room.)


  1. Awesome! I think it's really good of you to let your kids have some say. I think a white crib will go really well!

  2. That looks great! I'm glad you got out of the Home Depot orange:)

  3. When I was little I had a bubblegum pink room that I picked out when I finally got my own room. Who knows what it is with little kids and BIG BRIGHT COLORS! It looks great and they are happy and I loved my room as well.


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